Teaching Skills:

There are some skills necessary in effective teaching and adapting in new atmosphere. This essay explains some of the skills I apply and how positively I live as a foreigner.

Our father equipped us with different skills essential in life and often reinforced us whenever we did a good job. He taught us to be confident in our potential capabilities and this has helped me in my teaching career and I motivate people to study using this strong positive altitude.

I have employed courage and determination to overcome the feeling of the apparent discrimination and poor English skills, being from an Asian origin. Understanding one another is the best way to solve cultural differences which may arise in an international academic community, (Cooper, 2008).

Clear explanations and teaching students on logical approach to problems are vital factors in tutoring. I study each chapter being studied by students and consult professors on new methods of handling students. This helps me in solving Chemistry and Mathematics problems the students bring to me thus healing their weaknesses. I give them positive feedback irrespective of their age, gender or culture boosting their morale.

Responding with empathy prevents the students from feeling inferior and helps them find their potential in conquering their academic problems, just as I did. Self-assurance and confidence are essential in overcoming personal problems. I give students compliments as positive and sincere reinforcement making them value themselves.

Teaching Skills

Treating students with a sincere heart has positively impacted my life as tutor besides increasing the students’ academic performance and intercultural understanding.


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