International Business in China and Japan


International business especially in the Asian countries is very critical to the whole world because its evident that power the past few decades so much change have been brought about in the world business and they have emerged from these nations. Furthermore these nations have managed to come to the top of the world despite their traditional communism which had kept them Isolated from the words for a long time.

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My Credibility: I have managed to move around the world as a manager of an international business organization previous holding different position in the management positions. I had just completed a bachelor’s degree when I venture into the corporate world. After studying the field and working in it for a while, I loved doing business on the global scene. (Barrett 2009). I have also pursued international Executive Masters of business administration. Io believe having the experience to deal with different nationalities and different economies a have vast understanding of the business world and the effects of globalization. The two degree encourages multicultural learning interaction, the practical skill and innovative business managed to increase expert potential and success. International MBA is created because of the globalization phenomenon in business, International MBA is a necessity of the phenomenon and it has enhanced my critical thinking skills and decision making as well (Barrett 2009).

Tentative Main Points:

International Business in China and Japan

I. Japan achieved strong economic policies in the 20th century and since then it had managed to maintain and almost stable economic growth and there is political stability as well. (Nelson 2007)

II. Currently, the Chinese economy has developed a great deal; it’s becoming a threat even to the American considering that it’s dominating the world market. In 2003, the energy consumption in China exceeded that of the Japanese making is second largest consumer after the US, currently it has surpassed the US in Oil consumption and its the world leading consumer of oil, U.S Department of State. (2009)

III. The adoption of free market systems has significantly improved the rate and volumes of productivity in these regions and opened up numerous international markets since many

barriers to free trade and commerce had been reduced       (Onkvisist & Shaw 2004)

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Japanese economy is opportune and valuable contribution to economics. Japan has been different in terms of work, culture, lifestyle and economic policies yet in still manages a stable economy. The Chinese on the other hand have come to perfect their market research, improve on corporate management, and become sophisticated in design. These nations hence are worth studying for international business.

International Business in China and Japan


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