Business Ethics – scams through online and in the mail

1. Give a statement on scams through online and in the mail.

Online and email scams are internet based forms of fraud that use one or more internet based services like e-mail, chat-rooms, or message boards. Internet fraud may be through the use of stolen or fictitious credit cards, the advertisement of unavailable goods or services or it may be committed through the use of personal ads like the one suggested. Most scams based on emails or personal ads are usually formulated in such a way that the victim is initially unsuspecting. In many cases the perpetrators usually ask their victims to be very trustworthy and not to tell any other person of the going on. To lure in their victims the perpetrators usually suggest a symbiotic relationship where by the victim is made to accept to help the perpetrator get out of the fix they are in and in return the victim is promised a certain percentage of the money at stake. After the victim agrees to help the scammer he/she is usually asked to send his/her personal details to the other party. In many cases these fraudsters usually target a victim from a country that is far away from theirs to make the process safer and more interesting. The victim is usually selected by using their personal information or profiles that they place with websites usually of online dating. After the victim agrees to help he/she is usually asked to obtain a lawyers affidavit from the high court of the perpetrators country of residence or something else. Since this usually involve traveling which is very expensive the perpetrators usually suggest to the victim to send money instead so that they can obtain the affidavit for them. If the victim fails to suspect this they usually go a head and send the money to the scammers. Usually this marks the end of the relation. Many countries across the globe have introduced laws to combat internet fraud although it is usually very difficult to arrest the perpetrators since they sometimes conduct their businesses using wrong identifications.

2. Are food industries and pharmaceutical industries allowed to sell food and medicines that cannot be sold anymore in the western world because they have been declared unfit for consumption or had passed the ultimate date before which they should be used?

It is illegal to sell sub-standard goods in any market whether these goods are drugs or foodstuffs. Unfortunately all countries do not have equal technological capacities to test the actual components of any substance. In addition due to prevalence of international corruption

Business Ethics – scams through online and in the mail

and trafficking many of these companies have always found a way to dispose off these products profitably. Pharmaceutical companies have for a long time been involved in the selling and distribution of sub-standard or expired drugs. In many cases these drugs are usually sold in a secondary market, other than the one of origin or manufacture. In addition due to lesser restrictions in the third world countries, most of these foodstuffs and medicines are repackaged and exported to these countries. A good example is in livestock products whereby products not allowed to be sold in these countries especially after being suspected of having foot and mouth disease are usually re-routed to unsuspecting third world countries sometimes in the form of donations to help alleviate poverty.

What code should be developed internationally to prevent that damage is done to the users in the third world countries?

In order to prevent damage to unsuspecting consumers in the third world, there is need to set up a single administration body that will be required to set up the ideal standard that every manufacturer whether in the developed world or in the developing world will have to adhere to. In addition random checks on all registered manufacturers should be taken seriously so that no manufacturer will be able to produce sub-standard goods and get away with it. In addition the administration body should be well equipped to fight counterfeiting, trafficking, and illegal disposal of waste and or expired products.

Is it allowed at all to use different standards for expiration or consumption because that is supposed to be a way to help poor countries?

All humans are the same. It is unfair to assume that in trying to help poor countries obtain drugs, we need a different product standard than the standards required for western countries. If the chemical composition of the drugs is the same why then do we need different expiration dates on the drugs. if at all this help is unavoidable, best way out in my own opinion would be for all involved stake-holders to come up with a formula that will allow for poor countries to acquire same quality drugs without the drugs being subjected to any form of taxation both in the country of origin and country of destination.

Business Ethics – scams through online and in the mail

The refusal of pharmaceutical companies to manufacture cheaper drugs for HIV-aids victims could be seen as an act of an unacceptable business practice. The main reason why these companies refuse to manufacture cheap drugs is the fact that this will highly reduce their profit margins. In addition to this they have also objected to the manufacture of generic drugs in third world countries since this will take away a significant portion of their market base. Thus we can claim that denying people drugs for the sake of profits is unacceptable. In addition where will these companies sell their drugs once these people, who can’t afford these expensive drugs, have succumbed to their ills and die? Will they deliver the drugs to their graves?

3. The Market Street Mission ( has served the needs of the homeless, helpless and hopeless of Morris County and North Jersey for over 100 years. The Mission is actively pursuing a new Jersey Shore Rescue Mission in Asbury Park, NJ. However, the local community is not pleased – Give a statement.

The market street organization has been in operation for over a hundred years now. It is an established gospel rescue mission centre. The organization ministers to people who are homeless, hopeless, and helpless in northern New Jersey. The organization gives spiritual, emotional and physical assistance to the participants so that they can lead a more productive and responsible live. Last year the mission contracted to purchase property in the chat and nibble block. The mission also applied to the Asbury Park zoning board for variances to convert the property in a light industrial zone from a two storied garage into a homeless men’s shelter as well as a soup kitchen. The board initially declined but through orders of the Supreme Court it was made to reconsider and it granted the permits. the local people are afraid that since the mission does not conduct background checks on its participants, placing the institution in Asbury park is a threat to their children safety as these people who might end up being thieves or muggers will be roaming the streets of Asbury park during the days. Thus the people do not consider the facility to be of a highly beneficial use status since according to them it is also a threat to the lives of their children. Although the market street mission was trying to do a just act of helping the helpless, the local community thought it unwise for the mission to set up the facility at such a location. The locals believe that they do not need the market street mission to help them take care of their fine share of their homeless and hopeless.

4. Check out a company called i2 Technologies (, once a leading vendor of advanced planning and scheduling and supply chain management software. In the dotcom go

Business Ethics – scams through online and in the mail

go years, i2 claimed they would deliver $75 billion in value to their customers by 2005 and reach out and touch 100 million poor souls around the world with Aid Matrix ( In 1995 they had $30 million in sales and by 2000, over $1 billion. What happened?

I2 technologies had only reached around the 30billion dollars of value to its users in 2006through the aid matrix foundation. The main reason why i2 technologies did not or has not achieved its objectives is due to the fact that the company’s vision was far ahead of productive capacities. In addition the company has been slow in adopting new technologies to further its productive capacity. The aid matrix foundation was not setup until the year 2000. this delay in the official launching of the foundation greatly hampered its ability to touch the 100 million poor souls that it was supposed to help by the year 2005.although i2 provided the original supply chain software that formed the basis of today’s aid matrix solutions software, it was not until February 2004 that aid matrix became an autonomous and legally bound non profit making organization. Although currently the aid matrix foundation commands around 1.5 billion dollars of aid annually, the foundation has not been able to reach the 100 million souls. This has been hampered by among other things the fact that internet facilities that are a major requirement in leading to the attainment of goals are not universally available to target groups. This increases the operation and administration costs and thus scaling down on the amount of funds that will be directly available to the target groups.

5. What was going on in Birmingham, Alabama, on April 16, 1963? Seven months later, President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas. Do you believe we’re on the eve of destruction? Is this the day the music died?

Prior to 1963 Birmingham Alabama had become a major civil rights activities centre. These civil rights movements were led by people like martin Luther king amongst others. Birmingham, Alabama had witnessed some of the worst kind of racial hatred and violence and thus it had been marked as a perfect venue to start the restoration process. On the 16th of April 1963 martin Luther king wrote a speech the letter from Birmingham jail that he addressed to his fellow clergymen, while he was being incarcerated in a Birmingham jail. In writing this letter martin Luther was addressing the issue of lack of justice especially towards black citizens. He categorically rejected the application of a legal system that denied all citizens equal rights and privileges. The system was so corrupt that indeed if the constitution was not to be amended then indeed the American society was actually on he eve of destruction. Just like the song ‘eve of destruction’ suggested it was highly ironical that in a society (referring to the Vietnam society) children below the age of 18 years could be recruited to fight in the military (a direct ticket to death and destruction) yet these same people could not be allowed to vote to elect the same representatives that were sending them to the battle field. In the same sense the American

Business Ethics – scams through online and in the mail

system had deteriorated so much that the democracy and independence the forefathers of this great nation had labored so much for and even lost their lives in its pursuit was eroding much faster than a river erodes its banks. Literally it was like the music had died and only distant echoes could be heard by those who dared to listen. Those who could here the echoes of those crying in distant places were the ones who were paying the price for it through lynching, incarcerations and death in trying to advocate for a just system.