Unesco Research Outline- Galapagos Islands

1. What       human intrusions threaten the area?

1. Over fishing of protected wildlife.

1. Tourism

1. Oil spills

1. Foreign species’ brought in by pirates in the 1500’s. Dog’s etc.


What   protections exist to protect and preserve the area?


Galapagos Conservation Fund

( www.gct.org )

1. Charles Darwin Foundation

( http://www.darwinfoundation.org/ )

1. The Galapagos Conservatory www.galapagos.org ) (

Unesco Research Outline– Galapagos Islands

1. What         efforts have been made to further this preservation?

1. The giant tortoise has been saved from extinction through the support of conservationists around the world.

2. The national Park Service and the Ecuadorian government are passing quite a bit of legislation creating safeguards, and educating people. Restrictions exist for residents of the islands in the form of fishing catch restrictions. It is also illegal on the island to kill any terrestrial animals and the consequence is jail time and revocation of the right to live on the island.

3. There have also been predetermined trails created by the National park service to keep people away from nesting sites.

4. Community recycling operation.

5. The National Park service is exterminating animals and plants, which pose a threat to the well being of the eco system. Such as, Dogs, Cats, pigs, goats, rats, guava plants, and the Quinine tree.

1. What additional measures to insure the         preservation of the property would I propose?

1. Restrict the amount of visitors to the islands over certain mating seasons.

2. Restrict fishing within so many miles of the shores and out of the swimming patterns of the endangered species of the islands.

1. Create a foundation to move inhabitants off the islands.

2. Restrict any use of electricity that was not green.

3. Any and association where the only inhabitants on the island have to pay to be there and follow strict guidelines to maintain the islands green status

1. What will be lost if intrusion goes unchecked? Appeal        to the biological diversity

1. Many species of wildlife will be extinct; species that have been a pivotal point in the discovery of Natural Selection. The advancement of these studies that is so important to science will be lost. There are many species of the Galapagos Islands that still remained untapped. The destruction of the sensitive eco system could destroy these species forever.

Unesco Research Outline- Galapagos Islands