Sexual Harassment


Sexual harassment is any intentional unwelcome sexual advances, demand for sexual favors and other verbal physical conduct of a sexual nature. Acceptance or rejections of these favors are used as a basis for evaluation. Sexual harassment makes the victim feel uncomfortable and victimized. This sexual discrimination in workplace is used by persons on authority to intimidate those that they supervise. Sexual harassment in the workplace interferes with smooth running of work and lower productivity. In addition it can lead to expensive law suite to the institution. The institution should have preventive measure and clear policy on how to deal with sexual harassment.

Preventing liabilities to sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment policy

The company should have sexual harassment policy. The policy should clearly define sexual harassment in the context of the work places and clearly state that the company will not tolerate it. It should also state the procedure for reporting and the actions that would be taken by the company in case of sexual harassment claim. It should also state the actions the supervisor should take in response to a sexual harassment. The sexual harassment policy should be clear and easy to understand. In addition it should be made available to all workers. The sexual harassment policy should, not only be written, but implemented (Human right Commission, 2009).

Training on sexual harassment

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Sexual Harassment

What constitute a sexual harassment could not be clear to every one, training is essential to make sure that it is understood. The employees are informed about their rights at work place (Reese,2003). The potential harasser should be informed that that behavior would not be acceptable. This training also gives an opportunity for open discussion and thus giving more insight on preventive measures.

Complain and grievance Handling

There should be a simple confidential complains and grievance handling. Any employee with complains should know the steps to follow (Legal solution for you, your family&Your Business, 2009). The victim should feel confident and should be assured of protection against victimization due to reporting. The grievance and complains mechanism should be able to take and investigate the claims as fast as possible. Any complain should be taken seriously and quick and appropriate investigation initiated.

Corrective measures

Disciplinary actions against a person who commit the offence of sexual harassment should be made. The employer should be ready to initiate disciplinary actions or even terminate employment to the offender.

Monitoring the work place

The human resource department should monitor the work place to note any cases of sexual harassment. The sexual harassment may be in the form posters notes and messages. In addition it should make sure that there is open communication so as to be able to receive

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Sexual Harassment

information on sexual harassment (All Business a D&B,2009).

Legal advice

Legal assistance is required. The legal advisor should update the management on the changing government regulations on sexual harassment. The legal advice should be used to update the sexual harassment policy.


Sexual harassment at workplace may lead to low employee morale and lead to lowering the productivity. Without a clear policy for preventing sexual harassment may lead the company to legal law suite. Prevention is the best way to protect the company from such law suite.

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Sexual Harassment

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Sexual Harassment

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Sexual Harassment

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Sexual Harassment


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