Nature of Elections


An election campaign is an organized effort that tries to influence to support one candidate or the other. For a representation for of government such a democratic system election campaign are essential. Election campaign aim at convincing voter and thus various innovations are applied to do that. Election campaigns have changed significantly in America.

Election campaign in America today

American are today more interested in elections than previously. The interest in election has made the election campaigns to be more aggressive. These election use both the traditional method of campaigns such as public rallies but new modern form of campaigns have been embraced (Digital communities, 2009).

The techniques used include campaign advertisements which involve the use of paid media to influence the decisions to be made by various groups of voter. Beside the paid media, public media may run stories or profiles of the candidates. The use of public meeting and rallies is used in election campaigns. Through this public meeting are organized through which the candidate or his or her representative addresses the public. This method has been used for a long time but it still remains effective sand a preference of many candidates. Modern technology by use of information technology has influenced election campaigns in America. This involves the use of internet in campaign (Digital communities, 2009). The political party the candidate may run a website where by people can access information concerning the candidate. In addition internet activism is being used. This activism can be used for raising campaign fund, lobbying and for organizing public meeting.

Nature of Elections

The significant change in election campaign in America today includes the use of fundraising as an election tool, use of internet activism use of public debates. Fundraising in individual party is being used as a measure of how much a candidate is supported. The candidate who is able to raise more funds then gains popularity than his or her competitor (Credit Suisse, 2009). Public debates involving vying candidates have gained popularity. The debates scrutinize the candidate and how he or she understands national and international issues.

Before election, both at federal and state level, election campaign are done. Election campaigns in America are done at two levels: at the party level and at national of federal level. Party election campaign is done before choosing a party representative in national or federal election. The other level of election campaign involves the plea for votes between candidates from different parties at federal or national election (Warren, 2008, p187). Election campaigns are expensive to run. To sponsor these elections campaigns each party runs fundraising campaigns.

Election campaigns both at federal and state level is important both to the candidates and to the public. The election allows the public to know the candidate vying for different positions and enable them make an objective decision when casting their votes. In addition the public is able to evaluate the candidates through closer scrutiny on the candidate’s life against his or her promises (Warren, 2008,p 378). The candidates on the other hand get an opportunity to send their plea for votes to the public. During the election campaign the candidate is able known and thus considered for votes. The election campaign allows the candidates to directly or indirectly meet the public. Through this the candidate understands the public’s needs and expectation.

Although election campaigns are important in raising public awareness on an election, it has is disadvantages (Redlawsk, Lau, 2006, p56). The campaigns are use to win public support. In the election campaign the opinions of the public may be swayed and lead to election of poor candidates. Election campaigns use a lot of money. Although the spending in elections is controlled in America, quite high amount of money and other resource are used. These resources could be used for better projects of benefit to the public (Redlawsk, Lau, 2006, p65). The personal lives of the candidates are unjustly scrutinized. The public through the media and other agencies discuss personal life of candidates. For example discussion of a candidate’s

Nature of Elections

marriage, family other relationship, and private life is unfair to the candidate.

Election campaign in America should be made less expensive by lowering the amount of money allowed for the election campaigns. This will level the ground for any candidate who wants to vie for a position. The political parties’ fundraising would thus fail to be used as campaign tool.

Election campaign use up a lot of public time, thus the election campaign time ought to be made shorter.


In a democratic republic, election campaigns have to be there and are necessary. Through the election campaign the candidates are evaluated by the public and at the same time the candidates understand the needs and expectations of the electorates. During the election campaign the candidate and the public make an informal political agreement. The agreement is sealed by the election of the candidate and thus the candidate has a moral obligation to keep his or her promises.


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Nature of Elections


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