Organ Meridian– the heart

Meridian is the energy channel that gives life force to the human body. The meridians contain acupuncture points located in areas which are difficult for the life force to pass through. The heart is among the twelve organs in the body that are the energetic meridians. The heart meridian is considered as the supreme controller of the body in which life travels through. First it is the outmost source of love which is divine (Gumenick 2004). The heart carries within it the spiritual life that produces that love we feel for others and ourselves.

The hearts qi which is the active principle that forms part of all living things can also be seen as

the energy flow. The heart circulates the blood and the qi in it. The twelve channel network that the heart commands are attuned to respective

qi which

in turn also offer the material essence back to the heart. The qi

has travels in


channels. It follows the leg bone on the inner side, and then it enters the mid crease of the knee. It then follows the inner side of the bone shin together with channel of MinorYin as they both descent to enter the inner ankle from behind. Another channel leads to the bottom of the feet. There is also a separate branch which diagonally goes into the ankle and passes thorough it to subordinate the top side of the instep. It then enters the big toe in the crack and further goes to all the channels of the


. Finally inflows to the shin and the foot with contact movement of the pulse.

The acupuncture points affect different functional areas of the body along the five transporting points along the flow of qi. First, is the jing-well point where qi bubbles which is always the initial

staring points of                                                                                                                                                 yin and the last

point of                                                                                                                                                                                               yang.

Except of Kid 1 Yong Quan, all points are on the tips of toes and fingers. Other points are the Ying spring where


glides, shu-stream where

Organ Meridian


pours, jing –river, where qi flows and the he-se where qi

begins and collects as its starts to go deeper into the body. Other acupuncture points are within the five phase points. The Xi-cleft, Yuan source,


connecting, back-shu, front –mu and hui-meeting

The heart is affected by emotions such as fear, anger, depression, agitation and resentfulness. It is from the heart we experience true happiness, joy and love. The heart according to the Chinese culture controls our wisdom, love for all, truth, unselfishness and fairness (Gumenick 2004).


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On 24th February 2009