Science Term Papers

Writing of science term papers is common evaluation activity done by all students that study science at any academic level. Science is an ever evolving and developing subject that is so extensive. Therefore, any scientific academic writing requires an extensive research that can facilitate proper quality writing. Today’s busy study environment presents students with multiple social and co-curricular activities as well as multiple academic assignments that may prove difficult to accomplish.

Science papers may consume much of the assignment time of a student, especially; if the student is not well versed with the writing of various parts that constitute a science paper. A science term paper is usually 8 to 10 pages in length, but this may vary depending on the instructor’s specifications. In order to write quality science papers, a student should follow these guidelines that define the various parts of a science term paper.

The writing of science papers should begin with a title page that details the name of the author and instructor as well as the science course or unit and the date of submission. In both the common writing styles of APA and MLA the text should be double-spaced and center aligned. This portion of science papers is followed by the table of contents section. The table of contents lists all the headings, and sub-headings within the whole paper as well as the page numbers of these sections. This part is usually written after the whole paper has been written and outlined.

The table of contents is followed by an introductory paragraph that outlines the problem briefly. In this section the author also states the aim of writing the paper and its relevance. This section of science papers makes the reader familiar with the topic and serves to create interest in the readers. The main body comes after the introductory section. The main body of science papers should be the longest section because it is made of various sections and sub-sections. Each section within science papers should have its own main point stated and well elucidated as the author develops his/her argument or presents the necessary information.

The argument within the science papers has to be developed in a coherent and intelligible manner that can be easily understood by the readers of the work. Facts and statements derived from secondary sources should be substantiated through the use of in-text citations that should be done according to the recommended writing style. The main body of science papers should contain these sections-a literature review section that interprets all the primary literature, a methodology section that outlines the scientific methods used, and the current research state on

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the same subject as well as the personal view point held by the author. However, this view must be substantiated with scientific literary or experimental evidence.

The main body in science papers is followed by the conclusion section. In this section of science papers the writer re-states the problem posed and thereafter explains the research results obtained. A summary of observations made should also be outlined within science papers as well as a brief explanation that states why those specific results were obtained. An explanation of the limitations of the research should also be stated within science papers as well as a suggestion for any further future research along the same subject. Finally, science papers are concluded with a list of references and appendices that may contain maps, graphs, terminologies and any other related information.