Biology Paper

Please place the letter of your answer in the space provided beside the question number

__A___1. Eukaryotic cells spend most of their cell cycle in which phase?






2-3.If this sequence represents the phases or stages of mitosis beginning with I as the cell in interphase, consider the sequence and answer the questions relating to the sequence.

I —-> II —> III —> IV —> V ——à VI and VI

__B___2. The DNA (nucleic acid) replicates during phase or stage:

A.I                                      B. II                                     C. III                                   D. IV


Biology Paper

__A___3. The number of chromosomes in each cell in stage VI is

A. the same as the cell at the beginning of stage I

B. double that number

C. one-half that number

D. none of the above

__B___4. The pattern of mitosis is necessary to

A. keep genetic continuity

B. introduce variety

C. cause cancer

D. none of the above

___B__5. The segregation of paired hereditary factors (genes) that Mendel postulated occurs:

A. during mitosis B. during meiosis                        C. at fertilization  D. only in sex linkage


Biology Paper

_A____6. Which of the following processes occur(s) during interphase?

A. duplication of the chromosomes

B. chromosome migration to the center of the cell

C. the splitting of the centromeres

D. pairing of duplicated homologous chromosomes

__B___7. Which of the following processes occur(s) during mitotic anaphase?

A. the centromeres of each chromosome divide

B. sister chromatids separate

C. the chromatid DNA replicates

D. daughter chromosomes begin to move toward opposite poles of the cell

E. A, B, and D are all true


Biology Paper

___D__8. In an animal in which the diploid number is 28, the chromosome number of each gamete will be

A. 14                                 B. 28                                  C. 42                                  D. 56

___B___9. Which of the following is true of meiosis?

A. The chromosomes synapse during metaphase.

B. Crossing over reduces variation in a population.

C. The end product is 4 diploid gametes.

D. No chromosome replication occurs between meiosis I and II.

__E___10. Synapsis occurs during:

A. metaphase I

B. prophase II

C. metaphase II

D. anaphase I

E. prophase I


Biology Paper

__B___11. Which of the following reproduction processes results in offspring genetically identical to their parents?

A. budding                B. binary fission  C. sexual reproduction            D. both A and B

___B_12. Which of the following increases genetic diversity?

1. sexual   reproduction

2. B.   crossing over


independent   assortment of chromosomes to daughter cells in meiosis


D. all   of the above

__B__13. Most prokaryotic organisms reproduce by which of the following processes?

A. regeneration   B. binary fission    C. budding                                       D. zygote formation

_B__14. Humans have 46 chromosomes in their somatic (body) cells. The chromosome number in an egg cell is:

A. 46                                 B. 23                                  C. 92                                  D. 44


Biology Paper

___A_15. A primary oocyte gives rise to:

A. four diploid egg cells

B. one diploid egg cells and three polar bodies

C. four haploid egg cells

D. one haploid egg cell and three polar bodies

__A__16. Homologous chromosomes:



during synapsis



genes for the same trait although the form of the gene may be different



during meiosis so that each gamete contains only one homologue


all of

the above

__B__17. In meiosis, _____ daughter cells are produced, whereas in mitosis, _____ daughter

cells are produced.

A. 4 diploid — 2 haploid                               B. 2 diploid — 4 haploid

C. 2 haploid — 4 diploid                                 D. 4 haploid — 2 diploid


Biology Paper

__C__18. Which genotype would be used to perform a testcross?

A. homozygous dominant                         B. homozygous recessive

C. heterozygous  `                                               D.any of the above

__D__19. For an individual with the genotype AaBb, which of the following is true of the gamete genetic


A. they are all AaBb                                                                B. they are either Aa or Bb

C. they may be A, a, B, or b                                               D.they may be AB, Ab, aB, or ab

__B__20. A cross between plants with red flowers and plants with white flowers produces plants with pink flowers. If two of these pink-flowered plants are crossed, what is the chance that pink-flowered plants will be produced?

A. 0%                               B. 25%                             C. 50%                              D. 75%  E. 100%

__C__21. A cross between two black guinea pigs produces some black guinea pigs and some white guinea pigs. The gene makeup of the two parents


Biology Paper

A. is probably homozygous black

B. is probably homozygous white

C. is probably heterozygous

D. has no effect on the gene makeup of the offspring.

__A__22. In the case of the sex-linked trait hemophilia, which of the following would have been impossible?

A. a carrier mother passed the gene on to her son.

B. a hemophiliac father passed the gene on to his daughter.

C. a carrier mother passed the gene on to her daughter.

D. a hemophiliac father passed the gene on to his son.

__A__23. In order to get the expected Mendelian ratio in a monohybrid cross, it is important to be able to observe


Biology Paper

A. four offspring, one for each box in the Punnett square

B. many offspring

C. one phenotype for each genotype that is expected

D. more recessive phenotypes than dominant phenotypes

__B__24. The genetic makeup of an organism constitutes its ___ and an individual that has the genotype Aa is ___.

A. phenotype; heterozygous                                          B. genotype; homozygous

C. phenotype; homozygous                                             D. genotype; heterozygous

25-28. Use the following information to answer the questions. (HINT – Set up a pedigree using this information before you try to answer the questions.)

A woman referred to as individual A marries a man, individual B. Both have normal color vision. They have 3 children. Child AB1 is a son with normal color vision. Child AB2 is also a son but


Biology Paper

he is red green colorblind. The third child, son AB3, is red green colorblind as well. AB1 son marries a woman, S, with normal vision. They have a son who is red green color blind, AB4. Son AB3 marries a woman, Q, with normal vision. They have a daughter that is red green color blind, AB5.


A. Cc

B. cc


D. cY

E. could be either

CC or Cc

Give the genotype of the following individuals:

___D___25. Individual A

__A____26. Individual B

___E___27. Individual S

__B____28. Individual Q


Biology Paper

__C__29. Individual X’s blood type is A. Which of the answers below best describes this blood type?

A. His phenotype is A and his genotype is AA ( I A IA).

B. His genotype is A and his phenotype is AO (I A i).

C. His genotype is A and his phenotype may be AA or AO (IAIA or IA i).

D. His phenotype is A and his genotype may be AA or AO (IA IA or IAi).

__B__30. All of the offspring of a white hen and a black rooster are grey. The simplest explanation for this pattern of inheritance is

A. Incomplete dominance

B. Multiple alleles

C. Sex linkage

D. Independent assortment


Biology Paper

____31. A man who has blood type B and a woman who has blood type A could have children

of which of the following phenotypes?

A. A or B only

B. AB only

C. AB or O

D. A, B, or O

E. A, B, AB, or O

___B_32. To determine whether a plant that exhibits a dominant trait is homozygous or heterozygous, the plant in question should be crossed with one that

A. exhibits the dominant trait

B. exhibits the recessive trait

C. one that is heterozygous


Biology Paper

__A__33. Why are sex-linked diseases more common in men than in women?

A. Men acquire two copies of the defective gene during fertilization

B. Men who inherit only one copy of the harmful recessive gene will have the disease

C. The sex chromosomes are more active in men than in women

D. both B and C

__C__34. Whether an allele is dominant or recessive depends on

A. how common the allele is relative to other alleles

B. whether it is inherited from the mother or father

C. which chromosome it is on

D. whether it or another allele is expressed when they are both present


Biology Paper

__C__35. In _________, the phenotypic ratio and genotypic ratio is the same.

A. problems dealing with multiple alleles

B. sex linked problems

C. problems dealing with incomplete dominance

D. a test cross