Regional Analysis


Regional analysis is analysis of factors and effects that affect a place. A regional analysis is done across geographical region of across certain parameters. Brazil’s economic reform has led it to be the tenth largest economy in the world. Regional analysis of various factors will give in-depth understanding of Brazil.

Regional analysis

There are various finance options for investors in Brazil. The banks in Brazil are developed and well spread across the country (Mello, 2009). Banking service are available in various products. Investment finance options in form of mortgage and Equity release are available.

Brazil is in an economical recovery. It economic recovery has made it to be the tenth largest economy and the ninth largest purchasing power. Domestic demand has grown while the consumer and business is picking up (Mello, 2009). There is increase in investment by private firms. The economy has grown from over reliance on agriculture to manufacturing and other industries such as film production. The economic growth has changed the social life of people. The consumption of manufactured product has increased (Mello, 2009). The population is in a massive movement from the rural to urban area. There in increase in social problem ranging from early sexual activity by the youth and teenage pregnancy. With the growth of economy, social classes have appeared.

Health in Brazil is affected by various factors such as climate, pollution and health care. There in

Regional Analysis

an improvement on conditions and availability of health facilities in Brazil. However there is health inequity between the social classes (NCSDH, 2006).


A regional analysis of Brazil under the finance options, social economical and health factors shows a growing economy.


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