Qualities of a Good Research Paper

A research paper is a piece of academic writing that requires a student to gather and interpret information, document details, develop and organize Ideas and finally put those ideas into a conclusion. A concise research paper is one that effectively communicates the author’s intended ideas.

Essay Writer understands that a good research paper can only be gotten through the following steps:

– Topic selection- choosing a topic is perhaps the most important step in writing a research paper; it is the topic that will determine the outcome of a research paper i.e. a good or bad research paper. One must not choose a topic that is not too broad or narrow.


information- this means perusing through libraries, virtual libraries,


magazines, conducting interviews, e.t.c. in order to find the

intended information, information

that is relevant to the chosen topic.


the thesis- a thesis should primarily not be more than one or two

sentences. It

should basically embody the beliefs of a writer concerning

the topic he/she is writing on. The

thesis will be supported by the

information in the research paper.


an outline- In making an outline, one

should first reflect through their topic,

and then put in logical order

the informational items that will be contained in the research

Qualities of a Good Research Paper

paper.       Having a good outline is the key to writing a good research paper.


the research paper- writing the research paper requires that one take the

ideas stated in their outline and expound on them. One must make sure that

their research

paper contains all the information required to meet the

criteria of their lecturer/professor or

other relevant parties.


reading – this is the final step before finally printing the research

paper. It

requires one to peruse through the paper, trying to identify any

grammatical errors,

punctuation mistakes, and other irrelevant

information. If possible, a second party should be

allowed to look at the

research paper before printing for they might find a mistake that was

initially looked over.

CLEARLY from the steps above, a research paper needs a lot of work, time, effort, dedication, research, and understanding in order to write.

Research papers are normally given at the middle of an academic semester, an altogether bad idea! This is because at this time, students are already boggled down with a lot of other work. They cannot fathom where they will get the time to adequately research on a topic and then write and submit an academically efficient research paper. Students when they think that all the steps above are a requirement for a good paper back down due to lack of resilience, strength, energy and time. The few who do end up writing themselves do not thoroughly research on their topic thus they end up getting a failing grade.

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Qualities of a Good Research Paper

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