An Assignment On Classroom Management Scenario

Classroom management involves understanding the individual behaviours of the student because every student is unique. The resistance of Tony to respond may be as result of a behaviour he wants to form of becoming resistance. At this moment I would try to guide Tony and show him the importance of completing the assignments and try to show him that it is for his own good in the future and show him the importance of being open if he has problems. The responses of the class will just make Tony more irritated and will not assist him in solving his problems. The behaviour of the boys to square each after quarrelling will spoil their relation. The strategy of not responding will not work on the other hand it’s a mistake for a student not to respond to a teacher because he cannot be assisted. I would just recommend them to meet with the school counsellor. Students are always open to counsellor than to the teacher for more counselling and guidance.Classroom management is the creation of a good environment for learning for a group of people in a classroom situation. (charles 2007).

The system a teacher uses in managing the classroom shows the teacher’s belief on the content and also in the process of learning. Every action that a teacher takes has a an effect with classroom management e.g. in handling the responses of the children , the way a teacher speaks to them, development of rules etc all the are some of the component of classroom management.The teacher should be consistent in setting expectations this will help the students also to be consistent in their behaviours. So in this case the procedures used in setting this regulation should be consistent with the laid down policies. The teacher should a consistent mativator.This will help the class to feel motivated and see that what they are doing is worth. Its good to have consistency in watching students individual behaviours. This will help in correcting if incorrect behaviours start arising. (charles 2007).


Charles C.M, (2007), building classroom discipline 9th Ed, allyn & bacon publishers.