Persuasion is the act of trying to convince someone to accept an idea or concept by putting emphasis on the benefits of adopting the issue at hand, (Larson, 2009). This essay narrates an incidence where someone tried to persuade me.

Political party agents toil hard to win more followers to their party. This was the case was the case with this gentleman who approached me requesting me to defect from my Republican Party to his Democratic Party. He tried to convince me by weighing the progress the Democratic Party had done in the past terms with what the Republican Party had achieved.

The agent worked hard to portray the dark side of Republican Party arguing that my party had failed to meet the promises they had made during the past election campaigns. He stated that Democratic Party had started to fix jobs for every qualified youth and that I would become the head of project if only I defected from my party.

Though some of the things he said were true, his efforts could not win me. First I didn’t like his altitude towards rival parties. He described them using indecent words. He called Republicans liars and a misguided party. Such an altitude could not paint any good about the Democrats and may be he would have convinced me had he used better language.

Besides, the agent seemed to literally buy me into his party by offering the position of the Jobs Project Manager. To me this showed how corrupt the agent was, and probably the entire Democratic Party. It left me with questions if whether the party could fight the corruption in the country if they assume the ruling powers. I wouldn’t like a party that aimed at benefiting a few individuals. The persuasion was thus not effective.



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