Hilton is a brand for the Hilton Hotel Corporation that has 514 hotel worldwide, one of the Hilton’s Hotels is situated 10 miles Northwest of Washington DC at the center of Maryland technology corridor and its called Hilton Rockville & Executive Meeting Center. It is a state of art facility and has been offering the best conference centers for several years. It has several facilities that include 315 guest rooms, fitness centers, business center, and certified centers among others.


The overall business strategy for Hilton Hotels is based on three major areas, timeshare, franchising and management and hotel ownership. The firm was initially focused on pricing, promotion and product strategy to beat its competitors in the very competitive business environment. The hotels are located in very convenient and attractive positions all over the world that are occasionally very expensive. The hotel after the 11th September attack strategizes to low pricing to attract the mid priced clients.

The hotel is a force to reckon with in the hotel industry and offers online booking and has a website that directs its clients all over the world just like some of its competitors that include Hyatt Hotels, Starwood brands, Best Western International, Sheraton hotels, Bass Hotels and Resort Inn and Wyndhan International among others. Hilton Hotels have still an opportunity to beat the leading hotels (Hyatt Hotels) up scale tier in terms of Hotel stay and business friendly brands using the thirteen criteria analysis where it was ranked sixth. The firm can attract more customers by renovating the existing facilities and with upgrading of the like the guest wing by introduction of upgraded signature bed. Another opportunity is to try to win more customers by offering better terms during the winter and fall by use of promotional strategies.One of the major threats to Hilton Hotels is competition from its rivals who are constructing better facilities and


increasing their efficiencies in the service industry.


The hotel offers best qualities in the homogenous hotel industry and to increase its market share, the hotel invests a lot in marketing, promotional activities and proper placing of its services beside differentiating some of its products.


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