Highest and the Best Use Analysis


This is the division and utilization of land into different sectors such as it being assigned to be a residential area while others may be designed for commercial purposes. This allocation mainly depends on the productivity or the availability of supportive means such as infrastructure and population. If the area has access to all these factors it may be automatically be designed for commercial services or as a residential estate.

Residential Properties

Residential properties can be used in different ways each depending on the productivity rate while others can depend on their location or their sizes. If it has a large coverage area it may be subdivided into different sectors and each is designed for a specific function. Therefore, each department should be located for a person who is very skilled and can be able to perform each and every assignment and if unable he or she should consult or seek help from the seniors for it is a must for large firms to have some premier officials who will give guidance to the juniors.

If the residential estate is located in a densely populated area then it should be converted to a business activities and improve on services offerings. More and more people will get attracted and will start investing there thus more development. If it succeeds a twenty four hour business system should now be established to allow those residents who may be arriving home late to have a chance of doing their shopping there instead of doing it in the areas of work. On the other side this method will help the residents who used to go and shop in an area that is far away in terms of distance.

Highest and the Best Use Analysis

Commercial properties

Commercial properties have a big advantage over the residential properties for they are located in areas with adequate and improved infrastructural systems which make it easy for the shoppers to shop on a large volume for they are sometimes being offered for after sales services. Furthermore, there is frequent shopping due to the high population rates in the area and availability of enough security.

Therefore, commercial properties should be improved so as to meet and fulfill the requirements from the common investors and customers. By doing so the level of shopping will have been improved thus more income will have been generated accounting for more growth in that sector.


There should be the division of labor in both properties where by each and every department is assigned for the person who is very skilled in that area. People with different talent will combine them together in their fields and therefore more development will be achieved. All the resources should be combined if possible and come up with one final product that will stand for on behalf of the other sectors.

Infrastructure means should be improved to promote more productivity and development to all the sectors. It will be easy to transport raw materials and the final products to the required places in time and there will be first mode of communication therefore the stake holders will be able to exchange ideas on how to perform a particular function. Trading blocks should be put in place as there will be free market operations within the region therefore traders will be able to take their goods to the area of their choice and more new goods will be brought to the market.

Highest and the Best Use Analysis


Both the residential and commercial properties can be improved and bring more development in those areas as more investors will be willing to invest. Residential properties if they are large in size they should be divided into different departments each being allocated a skilled person.

Commercial properties should start practicing a twenty four hours operational system for they are located in the areas that are densely populated thus more income will be generated.