Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Marketing


The corporate responsibility is the expression of the values within the business strategies and the set of commitments and their obligations that are made by the stakeholders. The company is responsible to the operations that are taking place in the company and these operations are assisted by the ethical values and by the policies and programmes that make the values operational. Thus the organization’s ethical values and standards should support the operations that are done by the company and the operations of the employees in their activities. The social responsibility is the approaches that are taken by the company that is the social and there environmental impacts that show how the company operates and the contribution it makes to ensure the well being of the global and the local communities where it operates. The corporate social responsibility can also refer to the concept that a company considers the interests of the society as the company take the responsibility of the activities of the customers, the employees, share holders, communities and the environment in its operations. (Mark, 2001, pp35)

A business ethics is the application of the ethical values to business behavior, which includes the aspects of the business conduct and also the treatment that is given by the company to the employees and the suppliers to the sales techniques and the accounting practices. The business ethics goes beyond the legal requirements of the company and thus the company has got to know the values that have to be taken so that they can improve in the performance. A company has to address the ethics because of the internal and the external factors that exert pressure on the company and affect its operation. The nature of the benefits of the corporate social responsibility for the company depends on the nature of that company. The responsibility is based on the human resources, the business development departments that are in that particular company.

Where by each department has got its own function that has to be performed so that the company can achieve its goals of providing the products the customers. In the case of the human resources the company should ensure that it has comprehensive policy that will enable it

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Marketing

in improving the perceptions of the staff and this will lead to further changes in its performance. The corporate strategies ensures that it manages the risks of the company so that it can be able to build a real culture of undertaking the right thing so that the company can know how to go about its risks. The company has to ensure that it has branded its products so that the customers know which product to purchase therefore the corporate social responsibility has the role of building the customer loyalty through having a distinctive ethical values and this is very important for the company and the customers and every one who has to do something in the company. (Mark, 2001, pp23)

The company should ensure that the requirements that allow the supply of the product have been followed these are things like the health and safety regulations and thus the company will produce the product and more will be sold because there will be no regulations that will affect the supply of this product. The company should ensure that all the requirements are followed and this will lead to economic growth this is because with more production and more sales then it means that the profits will be high and therefore the employees will get high salary that will improve their living standards and thus the country will face economic changes. In throe adoption of the corporate social responsibility the company has to follow the ethical consumerism which will enable the company know the consumer decisions and this will have an assistance in knowing the resources that are to be used so that more is produced. There is the globalization and the market forces the company will be able to seek for public support this is due to the changes that occur as the company is pursuing growth of globalization and thus through this assistance then it will be able to face the competition that exists in the market.

There should be social awareness and education this ensures that the shareholders are socially responsible for the investments that will improve the performance of the company and therefore more investments made leads to more sales and high production been done by that particular company. There is need for the ethics training so that the employees are able to make the ethical decisions when the answers that they get are not clear this will lead to the high performance for such company because the employees will learn the normative values and rules in human behavior.

This will lead to the increase in the benefit of the loyalty to the employees and thus the company will benefit, as the employees will work with a high desire to make the company produce more. The company has to make the consideration on the government laws and regulations this is

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Marketing

because if the laws are not set to have the social responsibility then the company will enter into problems in its operations. The company will have a lot of burden to the laws in terms of interpreting them and therefore its operations will be affected and there will be a financial burden to the country because its economy will be interrupted. This is because the company will not perform as its expected meaning that there will be low sales and hence low income is received. (Alice, 2003, pp 67)

The corporate social responsibilities ensure that the company sets policies, practices and programs that will be integrated in the business operations, supply chains and decision making processes so that the company will come out been successful. The responsibility of the current and the past actions and also the future impacts will enable the company know the changes that are to be made so that it can be successful giving honor to the ethical values and the respect to people, communities and the natural environment. For a company to ensure that it achieves the required success then there is need to have the strategic planning which will be part of making the company produce its products as desired. Through this planning then there is need for the mission statement which tells one what the company is at that time where by there is the inclusion of the customers who will be ready to purchase from the company, the critical processes and the desired level of performance. Therefore the company will be ready to interact the processes that will lead to the satisfaction of the consumers as their main aim is to ensure that the costumers get the products that they desire and should not have effect after consumption so that more can be demanded which will lead to high sales. (Alice, 2003, pp 70)

In designing the sustainability of the environment the company should ensure that the products are designed in a way that they will not be produced using a lot of resources this is because if more resources have to be used in production of a product and the resources are expensive then it means that the prices for such products should be high and less will be sold in the market as demand will be low. In designing these products then it means that there will be reduction in the material and energy that will be required and also the pollution will be prevented. This means that the company will have the reduction in the environmental impact that may affect the company in its production. The company should have the EcoAudit which means the company has got to go beyond the compliance audits which are concerned with there evaluation of the company in knowing whether it meets the federal and the local environmental regulations as well as the internal corporate policies and the required standards. This will ensure that the production of such a product is made without problems, as the company will be able to use the opportunities that will lead to the improvement of the product design. The company has to ensure that it can be able to create more goods and services with few resources and create less waste and pollution thus the company will have the eco- efficiency and such a company will have high production as it will face few challenges that affect the production of a product. The

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Marketing

company should ensure that it is located together with the service businesses so that they can have an enhanced environmental, economic, and social performance.

This is because they will have collaboration in managing the environmental and the resource issues and therefore such a company will know how to go about the environmental problems that may affect it and thus the product will not be affected. The company should have its focus on the most efficient and productive raw materials and the natural resources so that it can minimize the impacts on the workers and the natural environment. This will assist the workers in making use of the resources in a more utilized manner and the end product is of the desired quality. Through this the product will have its entire life cycle been considered and thus the raw materials that will be used to produce the desired product. Throe is the environmental impact assessment that deals with the identification, the collection and the estimation in the use of these materials and energy flow information and also the costs that both conventional and the environmental in decision making within the organization. (Collins, 2000, pp67)

The corporate social responsibility of a company ensures that there is the consumer understanding and influence which helps the companies to have interaction with the consumers and also in branding of their products then it becomes easier for the consumers to know which product to purchase so that the don’t get the poor quality products. The business owner should ensure that the consumers have the right attitudes towards the products that are produced by that company this will lead to high sales as the consumers will be willing and ready to purchase the product. The business should ensure that research is done on these market places and know the values that one is supposed to have so that they can help to sell the product in the market this is because the corporate and the social responsibilities are the insurance policies to the companies in undertaking their activities and produce products that are of the desired quality and quantity. A company should be able to make innovations on the best ways that have to be achieved so that it can produce products that will be accepted in the community and the market in general. The organization should make use of the new technology that will help the organization have improvements in the production rates and therefore this will lead to the best productivity rate been achieved. The organization should have a high focus in the environmental factors that will affect the productivity and the best ways that will lead to the reduction of this impact in the organization. Things like the political and social problems that may have a high impact in the organization should be ensured that the organization has got the right measures. The organization should have a high look on the commercial factors that will have impact in the productivity of that particular organization this means that all the best has to be done so that the organization will be able to attain its target. (Collins, 2000, pp45)

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Marketing

This means that a company should have the responsibility that it is supposed to produce the desirable products so that the consumers can have a demand on these products this means that they will have the assurance that they will make high sales from these products, as they are highly demanded in the market. The consumers will demand the product if they know that the product is produced so that they do not only benefit the shareholders but they get the satisfaction that they require. The consumers’ values are changing faster which makes the corporations been unable to respond to the changes and thus it means that they will have to do something that will assist them not to loss their consumers in future. The corporations must therefore have the social responsibility and the corporate so that they can know the current regulations that have to be based in the changes that take place and these regulations should be based on the past history. These regulations will enable the company know the attacks that may affect them in future and have the correction of these things so that the product is of the desired quantity and quality. There is need for the company to keep in mind every thing that happens in the business surrounding so that they do not have to make assumptions if toady they have success it will be the same thing tomorrow. This is not true business wise as the business can perform well today but tomorrow face losses thus the managers should be keen in every day activities so that they get the standard sales that are required. (Alfred, 1992, pp34)

The company should have high values so that they can be lead to making changes according to the business changes so that they make sales and also the company need to have powerful visions meaning that the company has got to ensure that the goals and the changes to be made in future have to be made so that there is success of the business. This has the indication that if the company does not know where it wants to be in future then it will not be able to face risks that will affect the performance of the company. The company ensure that it has got well drafted vision statement that will help them in undertaking the operations of there company without proper statement then the collapse of this business will be high and always it will face losses rather than profits. The company should be able to know how to motivate, inspire and encourage the workers this is because if the workers are not encouraged then they will be bored and therefore the performance of that company will be affected. The company should be run with the high view of ensuring that it receives high productivity in long term and have the stakeholders been likely to prosper. Therefore the company should have a high view on the economic globalization and developments in the technology so that the stakeholders can make a high component in the corporate strategy. Therefore the company should be able to have a look on the values and beliefs of the customers, employees and the investors this will lead to the reduction in the competition. (Michael, 2000, pp78)

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Marketing

The social responsibility and the corporate connects the people’s passions so that in their working they have the right desire in producing products that are of the right quality. Fir the employees are not motivated then it means that they just work for the sake but not fully involved in making the company produce more so that the sales can be raised. This means that the consumers will not get what they require and then affect the company performance. The employees should be motivated through given free training that will improve their rate of production and also make them acquainted with the changes that take place in the world around them. Through motivation them it makes the work life balance where by the consumers will know the things that they buy are of the desired quantity and also the workers are ready to work so that they can make the company produce more and thus they will be able to overturn the corporate strategies. There is need for the company to have a view on how they will do in future so that they can assist the consumers, customers, colleagues and the communities in order to achieve what they have been targeting this will ensure that they will adopt new methods that will be of help to the company so that more is produced and supplied in the market. This means that they will bring satisfaction to the consumers and the rest and in turn the company will make more sales leading to high income. (Michael, 2000, pp67)

In the branding of the product the company should ensure that it does not make use of many resources this is because this may lead to the impact of high prices been taken to the consumers who will switch off from using that product. Therefore in branding then it should be done in a way that it will make the product visible to the customer. In branding the company is able to get a financial asset this is because more of this product will be purchased and thus the company will get high income. The brands are important because they can be used to deliver psychological values of the status, the image of that product and through this then a customer will know which product to purchase depending on how it has been branded. Thus the company should make use of the branding strategies, which will assist the business owner in making the product more attractive to the consumer and thus be able to sell more of this particular product. A branded product has got set of attitudes, values and the reputation of the owner and this will make the product have a good stand of been purchased more by the consumers. In creating brand value then it is the way a company can do tangible things so that value can be created and this can be through building of the intrinsic values and also taking the company operations and making it know to the world this will mean that the company will not have problems in its production because the production that is made will be highly sold in the market as the customers have the know- how of the product that is supplied in the market.

Thus in branding there is the brand value where by the value should be based on the customer beliefs, which should be enforced to ensure that the brand remains healthy. This means that in any branding that is done then the company has to know the customer’s beliefs so that they can

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Marketing

improve in their sells. In the branding of threw product there should be the evaluation of the honesty and the open relationship existing within the company so that the company will not brand the product without knowing what is expected by the customers. Thus the company should ensure that they retain their relationship with the consumers that will help them in knowing which brand will sell the product in the market. In branding of the product the company should make the consideration of the competitors in the market, the costs that have to be incurred in branding so that it does not affect the price of that particular product. (Alfred, 1992, pp34)


The company should ensure that it makes use of the corporate social responsibility so that the customers can purchase more of that product. This is because the production will be based on the ethical values of these buyers and thus one will be willing to make use of such product as it has limited effects in one’s life. The company should have the desire and the willingness to know what the customers require so that in time of branding they can be the best in making the product very attractive to the customers. Therefore fort any organization to succeed in its sales then it should ensure that what the customers requires Is given and they should have good relationship with the customers and also be ready to make the changes that the customers request from the company to make amendments.


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Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Marketing

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