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Order college essays are college custom essays provided by custom writing companies online. There are several online writing companies that provide order essay services and where clients can get any type of custom papers such as custom essays online. The major issues of concern about these custom writing a company is the fact that majority of these custom writing companies are untrustworthy. Research is therefore necessary so that clients and students can be able to identify the most reliable companies to get writing assistance from. Order college essays from a reliable company have several unique characteristics and some of these characteristics will be discussed in this paper.

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There are several steps that have to be followed when writing order college essays and the very initial step involves identification of a suitable researchable topic. This is followed by collecting information from various sources including the Internet. The information collected has to be

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relevant to the order college essay topic and should also be related to the subject of discussion. The various sources of information that are useful include journals, articles, newspapers and other literary sources. After collecting information, the next step is for a writer to start the actual task of writing an order college essay.

A sample college essay has a similar structure to other academic essays such as descriptive, narrative and argumentative essays. The first section is the introduction section that briefly informs the readers of the actual message that will be contained in the essay and also introduces the essay topic. Some college essays require a thesis statement that is supposed to be written as the final sentence at the introduction section. The second section is the body that presents the main college essay discussion and finally the conclusion that presents a brief summary of the essay content. The conclusion has to be short, brief and precise.

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