Is Custom Essays Writing Services A Cheating Or Study Aids?

Custom essay is a paper written by a “ghostwriter” i.e. an expert writer is hired and paid to write but does no receive any credit for it. The essay is ‘custom’ because it is written to the student’s exact essay question. Custom essay may be distinguished from a pre written essay obtained from another source. Custom essay started as a result of students cheating. Students were using their fellow students to write for them in exchange for cash.

Customers with orders do approach a custom essay service company through an essay company’s website. The custom essay is taken care of by experts to the customers’ specifications and there after the customized essay is delivered to the customer after paying. The custom essay is written to his specification and by him ordering a custom essay it’s like replacing a lot of text books that he could have got information from.

By using custom essay service alone it’s not cheating. There is no difference of using custom essay and going to the library and borrowing a book and finding the exact answers you need. For example when one needs to look for certain information he either goes to the internet and use Google to find it or custom essays. When a student uses a custom essay and hands it in as his fair work then that will be cheating and plagiarizing. What they are supposed to do is to take the custom essay and use it as a guide and not as their final answers. Therefore a custom essay service is a guide and not cheating. Students should not use custom essays as their own work but they should use it as a guide to their final answers.

Many students are said to be lazy when they order custom essay. It is said that in the custom essay all the work is done for them. However this is not true because a student does not copy a word after another from the custom essay but uses the custom essay as a guide. If he uses the custom essay to read up on a subject, and to help them generate more source and understanding, then the custom essay is just a stepping stone on the road to do more and

Is Custom Essays Writing Services A Cheating Or Study Aids?

greater things.

Custom essays should be used as a guide but not as final results. Not all people or the students’ uses the custom essay honestly, some will hand in the custom essay that has been written for them without doing any work for themselves. When taken in this perspective custom essay are seen as cheating service and that it reduces an organization value of education. Honest students who do their own work are very angry with their fellow mate when they realize that they do use custom essay as their final answers and that they got good grades than them.

Most of the organizations would prefer custom essay companies be banned. This is because they do claim that the custom essay companies do assist their students on cheating. The students don’t take the custom essay as a guide but as their final copy. The best way to deal with this issue is that the custom essay companies should submit their custom essay work for scan so that when a student uses the custom essay as his own work he can be found. Through this the custom essay companies will help the organization.

Custom essay work should be used as a guide but not a cheating buy those who do purchase the work