Family Portrait Essay

I am a lady aged 30 years. In our family we are five. Besides my parents, I have two siblings; one brother and a sister. My parents have brought us up in a compassionate and caring manner. They gave us both material and emotional support. My mother has, especially, been close and instrumental in my life.

If there is a friend that I am sure of, that is my mother. At my age I find it difficult to go for a day before seeing or hearing from her. Her loving eyes and warm voice always have a healing and bathing effect to my life. She seems to know what I need even before I tell her. At her 63 years my mother always affords a smile for every one she meets.

In young days I remember how she would hold me by her hand and lead me to school early in the morning. In the evening, after classes my mother would be waiting for me at the school gate despite her busy schedule. As we walked to and from school she would narrate to me good stories that I remember till this day. As a child there are many thing that I did not know but I had a listening and patient mother that run to.

Even though I am a grown up today, the bond between my mother and I have never been broke but have grown stronger with time. Her in-depth understanding and experience with life is a treasure to me. She does not hesitate to correct me but at the same time she give credit when worth. She has remained a source of inspiration and joy, her appearance raises confidence and her voice assuring. She remains a reservoir for emotional support when ever I am distressed. In addition she understands me better than any other person.