Features Of A Properly Written Custom Essay

Custom essay is short prose piece writing. It is usually analytical, descriptive, or interpretive piece of literary on a particular topic. Custom essay are usually written from a personal point of view of the custom essay writer.Custom essay is widely used in the education sector thus students have no option but come up with properly written custom essay.

To come up with a good custom essay, the following are features of a properly written custom essay;

A properly written custom essay uses several materials and the most recent ones. The secret of producing the best custom essay is to limit the sources to the most recent ones within the last ten years unless he is defending an historical view. The sources include the books, journals, periodicals and the internet.

Note taking is another feature of a properly written custom essay. The writer should examine the sources, locate relevant information and make notes with inclusion of quotes and footnotes. These notes should not distort the views of the author. It is also very important that the writer gets the facts on the subject not opinions. The writer is also allowed to criticize the author.

Another feature of a properly written custom essay is the use of outlining. To write a good custom essay is to have outlines in the beginning. The outline helps in connecting the paragraphs and ensuring that they flow in a logical manner. It is here that the writer filters the irrelevant facts in the discussion of the topic of the custom essay. The writer lists all the points in order of preference.

Features Of A Properly Written Custom Essay

A properly written custom essay should have a thesis. Custom essay is an argument that requires a thesis, this shows the writers standpoint in the topic. It helps in directing the ideas and the research. To have a good thesis one should brainstormed either as a group or individually to generate ideas then connect them in a logical manner have a good custom essay is by having a strong thesis, that has justification, following a main idea and specific.

Properly written custom essay must have an introduction. This is the first paragraph in the custom essay. The introduction should hook the reader by starting with a statement which orients and arouses reader’s interest. This is achieved by the use of HIT formula, where the writer hooks the reader with a question, introduces the topic and the use of thesis statement. It may begin with an anecdote, dialogue which is immediately followed by at least two sentences and also summary of information.

The body is another feature of a custom essay. The main idea in the outline forms the body paragraphs. The paragraph starts by the main idea, the supporting points and then some elaboration which can be further description, discussion or explanation. This is the part the topic is clearly explained and argued. The writer tries as much as possible to convince the reader

Custom essay should have a conclusion. This shows the points the writer has developed and reinforces it .It creates an impression of farewell to the reader. A good conclusion should use the ROCC formula. The writer should restate the thesis statement; one important detail should appear in the last paragraph, conclude the points and clincher leaving the reader with something to think about.

Finally another feature of a properly written custom essay is the use of finishing touches in custom essay. This is where the writer after completing the custom essay checks the order of

Features Of A Properly Written Custom Essay

the paragraphs making sure they are logical and also ensures the instructions for the assignment were followed to the later.

In conclusion to have a good custom essay the above features should be taken into account while writing a custom essay.