Facts About Essay Writing

Essay writing is now a requirement in almost all institution of learning ranging from high schools, colleges and universities. There are different types of essays such as the argumentive, essay, persuasive essay and expository essay. Essay writing usually differs according to the topic, style, length and the format of the essay. Despite these differences essay writing is usually characterized by the following facts;

Originality, in essay writing the writer should be original. The essay must be unique and personalized to the writer. The writer must make independent research on the given topic and bring the evidence in his creativity and knowledge. In case of citations from other authors the writer must ensure to recognize them and not to distort their meaning. This helps to reduce on the incidence of plagiarism and in the case of college admission essays originality gives the student an upper hand in the selection due to its uniqueness.

Essay writing involves alot of creativity. In nearly every aspect of education currently essay writing is very necessary in humanities it is a measure of ones academic performance and also used in admissions. In schools tutors get alot of essays and it is upon the student to be creative to be unique in order to earn high marks.In essay writing the writer should be clear and concise. Essay writing involves expression of ideas, the writer should be able to captivate and entice the reader to have interest in the essay. The writer must be concise and clear.

Essay writing involves bringing out the personality of the writer. The writer in essay writing must write from the heart to ensure it is appealing to the reader. In employment essays it shows the personality of the writer and should not be regurgitation of the information in the curriculum vitae.In essay writing outlining is important. This where the writer puts the ideas down in point form. This helps the writer to connect the ideas to form the body of the essay by interconnecting the paragraphs to ensure that ideas flow logically.

Facts About Essay Writing

In essay writing the writer must have an introduction. This should capture the attention of the reader and this is achieved through the use of attention grabber such as the use of the anecdote, dialogue, startling information and summary information. The writer must be unique by introducing the thesis gently in the introductory paragraph.

Another fact about essay writing is the body of the essay. This is where the evidence and ideas supporting the thesis are discussed in details. Each main idea is presented in the form of the paragraph.

Essay writing also involves the use of conclusions. This is the final paragraph in the essay. It brings the closure to the reader by summing up the points. To have good conclusion it should have 3-4 sentences and contain the main points. The use of the anecdote may bring a very good impression in the conclusion.

Final touches in essay writing are another consideration. Here the writer checks the order of the paragraphs; ensure the essay conforms to the instructions of the instructors and also the writing of the essay to ensure it logical, flows smoothly and free from spelling and grammatical errors.

In summing up it is evident that essay writing is just not any other writing but has some considerations and that makes it to stand out in the academic writings as evidenced above.