WGU Task Objective Number:


Subjects: Economics and Social Studies

Topic Or Unit Of Study:

Where is the money? Evaluating causes and implications of

Recessions and other economic crises in the world

Grade/ Level: 7

Instructional Setting:

Classroom setting with spaced sitting arrangement where all

Learners are visible from the front and see properly.

Lesson Plan


Your State Core Curriculum/ Student Achievement Standards

By the end of 7th grade, the learner should be able to apply economic

Concepts to their society and attain a grade to attain to 8th grade.

Lesson Objectives: By the end of the lesson, the learner should be able to identify

two causes and implications of the current US recession.

By the end of the lesson, the learner should be able to explain the

Effect of the recession on their families and community.


Instructional Materials: Textbooks, PowerPoint templates on the cause and impact of

Lesson Plan

recession, scissors, markers, glue stick and pencils

Resources: Financial times on recession and economics periodicals


1. Identification of Student prerequisite          skills needed for the lesson

The learner must be able to explain the term recession and identify signs of economic downturn. The learner should be able to interpret the concept of recession to their own families and society.

1. Presentation of new information

Differentiation of recession from depression.

Explanation of a cause of recession and giving of examples

Description of the effects of recession and giving of examples

1. Guided Practice

Lesson Plan

Explanation of the causes of recession and describing the effects

Learners explaining the impact of recession on their families and community.

1. Independent Student Practice

Student listing down of the causes and effects of recession

Reading an article on the economics periodical and answering the questions.

1. Closing Activity

Summary of the lesson through highlighting of main points

Asking of questions related to causes and impact of recession.

Pedagogical Strategy

Direct instruction and small group to carry on research work

Lesson Plan

Differentiated Instruction

English learners are incorporated in groups with English speaking learners.

Highly talented learners be given extra research work

Student Assessment

Asking of questions at the end of the lesson

Group research assignment on global economic crisis and effects of war on recession