Education is the Key To Success


Many educationists and scholars alike have always emphasized that education is the key to success. In this increasingly globalizing world, the need for education is becoming more important. As specialization sets in the need to be adequately trained in a certain sector is imperative. In this modern world, we cannot afford to sit back and relax and wait for manner from heaven. As more and more people loose their jobs due to incompetence, the need for advanced training is imperative. The basic education that was required to secure jobs a few decades ago has become so little to offer people any security on any profession.

This paper talks about my major reason to join college. Firstly, my love for learning to enhance my thinking and reasoning capacity contributes much to my desire to join college. In addition, I have a desire to understand how various body systems operate jointly to enhance our performance of our daily activities. Secondly, education enhances one confidence and self-esteem by enhancing individual communication skills. A learned person is far more advanced compared to the unlearned as one clearly communicates effectively and efficiently with other people in spite of their origin, character or culture.

In the world today, without advanced education there is a very big likelihood that people may wrongly judge you as being a failure. In order to prove such critics wrong and show them how successful I can be in my career I have chosen to advance my education. Despite just proving my critics wrong, I will still have the added advantage of coming out of the system with more knowledge that will assist me to cope with life more easily and comprehensively.

I have many reasons why I have chosen to attend college. Top on this list is the act that I want to pursue my degree in pharmacy. I happen to have a passion for medically related subjects

Education is the Key To Success

and that is why I chose to pursue a degree in pharmacy. It is one of the most demanding courses or so people claim but I have always not been afraid of challenges. Life itself is a challenge thus I am determined emotionally and mentally to pursue my pharmaceutical degree until I graduate.

Secondly, I want to educate myself more deeply on the medical field. It is depressing to note that many people lose their lives sometimes due to wrong prescriptions and that is why I am ready to pursue this course, so that I can offer myself to community service and see how I can help change the world for the better.

The one single thing that motivates me the most to succeed in school is my own inborn desire to be prosperous and successful one day of my life. As a result, I have always tried to do the best under any given conditions. This inborn desire is not only academic bound but also it is a principle that I use not only at home but also in my social networks. In the past, have realized that am motivated internally to achieve my goals; once I set my goals and how to achieve them, I focus all my energy and put everything I can to accomplish my goals.

As I have indicated above, I love challenges. My experience in school to this day I can say has been very challenging. I have tried to make the best out of any opportunities that come my way. As a result, I have come to find school life very interesting since I can always find time to rest my head after completing all my tasks on time and submitting them. As thus, I have been able to leads a stress free life at school, which is one of the key indicators for succeeding academically. In addition, have learnt that success comes with hard work and perseverance as not always things work my way or anticipated.

Therefore, struggle is the main recipe to the daily problems that we encounter in life. To succeed is not easy; there are various barriers, which include managing time. Time is very precious as its limited and we will not live forever. However, I intend to achieve my goals through making my personal timetables and schedules to avoid late submission of my assignments and attendance of classes. In addition, I am determined to utilize my strengths to

Education is the Key To Success

achieve my goals, this include being internally motivated and high level of responsibility to achieve my goals. These two personal values have greatly assisted to my achievement of goals in the past.

However, I have not easily achieved my goals in the past due to my weaknesses, which include my poor communication skills, hence have not interacted with my friends successively. More so, I believe in the past have not utilized my reasoning capacity to my best. Therefore, I intend to work against these weaknesses to achieve my goals. despite these barriers to my success, am determined to attend my classes daily and set my extra time for study in addition to various group discussions and lecture consultations to clarify my understanding to all concepts.

This year, am determined to ensure I submit all my assignments and exams in time and achieve good grades in each test. To accomplish the following mission I understand is not easy, but I intend to schedule my personal timetable to clarify the concepts I do not understand in class. In addition, I intend to utilize our pharmaceutical lab to familiarize myself with all the necessary experiments and their expected reactions. This will enhance my capacity to be competitive in the job market where I intend to be accepted at UT College of pharmacy to assist other students who aspire similar goals or even higher.