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mario gee

Write a sentence using the words EXCRUCIATING, ANGUISH, CRESCENDO, & EXHILARATING about a music concert.PLEASE


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Pragmatism Please

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“my english class is super hard & i need help pleasee”

You don’t want help, you want someone to do your homework for you.

Here’s a sentence:

I went to a concert but the band was feckless and lackluster, so I went home and looked up my vocab. words at www.onelook.com and was able to WRITE MY OWN sentence using excruciating, anguish, crescendo and exhilarating. Wow, I feel a sense of accomplishment!

Okay, that was two sentences, sorry.

There you go pal. Give that one to your teacher, but don’t forget to look up feckless.

“The orchastra’s excruciating piece left me in anguish until the crescendo, (good so far) but then (then became? this statement begs an “it”) became the most exhilarating music i have ever heard.” (How did the music “become” anything? Isn’t the author of the sentence suggesting that the movement after the crescendo was better? Shouldn’t he have said it improved?)

More importantly, how can you answer the questions I raise in my critique of the first answer if you don’t understand the vocab. words?

What a dilema. I’m going to bed.


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this isnt about a music concert cause i didnt read that part – sry haha

Barely escaping the carnage, his best friend Joshua suffers the excruciating loss of his family and plans revenge.

Although mainly out of self-interest Michael also promised to rear and educate the child at the station, which saved the mother the anguish of totally losing her child.


Visiting the site of explosion, the President of the USA wept to see the anguish of the victims and their families.

The overture suddenly changed from a quiet pastoral theme to a crescendo featuring blaring trumpets and clashing cymbals.

The cold weather exhilarated the walkers.


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Il fuoco di furia
The orchastra’s excruciating piece left me in anguish until the crescendo, but then became the most exhilarating music i have ever heard.

hey hdtvjunkie: thank you for correcting the sentence that took me .1 seconds to make. why are you so intent on b**ching people out late at night? you are one pissy little motherf**ker.

and shouldn’t i have said it improved? well, that’s another way to state what I wrote, but i am pretty sure that that does not incorporate the words required.

no I’m not just here to do the kid’s homework for him. i was bored. and small puzzles, including word puzzles i find intriuging. it was just something fun for me to do.

thanks for your critique, but no thanks.


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I was listening to the amazing music with a :)) when little drops of rain came from the white clouds and watched as the birds flew for shelter ! ThanKs, *~ThinK*~