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Word problem, fractional equation. URGENT HELP NEEDED???!!!!!?

Because of traffic Maria could average only 40 km/h for the first 20% of her trip, but she averaged 75 km/h for the whole trip. What was her average speed for the last 80% of her trip?

How do I do this problem????

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let me think…. give me a few. gosh i jus got it but maverick did too. before me. smart kid there lol.

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75* = 40*.2 + x*.8

75 = 8 + .8x

67 = .8x

67/.8 = x

83.75 = x

she averaged 83.75 km/h


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i’m hoping it extremely is sweet. i think of it is, regardless of if it extremely is been a whilst on account that college for me. 75kph x 5 = 375km 375km – 40km (first 20%) = 335km for the final 80% of holiday. 335 divided by using 4 = 80 3.seventy 5 km for the final area of the holiday.

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take the 2 numbers and subtract them and then divide them or something like that.