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why is the money in each country have different name?

money in each country have different name but i never heard it all….. such as Japan’s money is called yen why is that so…. Taiwan’s money in short is N.T what is the full word…… and why in Europe there is money called pounds….. and EURO what is that mean….. and alot more…… im just curious… about this thing

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Each country has its own langauge, they’re not all going to have the same word for anything.

Euro is the European standard money, you can use it in all the countries in the European Union.


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Different countries of the word had their own methods of settling payment of debts, starting with the barter system. Some cultures are ancient as in Egypt, India, Rome, etc. and when currency evolved, the names given were based on the local language of the country. Even within one country, it was not unusual to find different provinces or states having their own currency with different names. It is only after inter-mingling of different populations and world-wide expansion of trade and communications, that the need for common currency came to be felt.

A common universal currency is certainly desirable but may not materialize in the near future. There could be several reasons for this, not the least being national prestige! A good example of a regional attempt to have a common currency is the Euro.

The currency of Taiwan is NTD (New Taiwan Dollar).


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each country has their own currency and ways of handling it’s distrobustion, threw mints, taxes and the like.

we could make all countries currency called a “dollar” but I’m sure the USA would have just as much trouble with changing their currency to the “yen” or “pound” as Japan and the UK…

so since every country has different ways of handling money, and different names and systems for how much a what is worth, we need to trade one of this countries money for one of those, making different currency values which are almost constantly changing.

it’s about language, it’s about culture, it’s about governmental decisions (like some european countries use one currency “the euro” so the countries that have that currency stablise the value of the Euro for those where it would otherwise be worth less or more).