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What’s another way to say this?

I am trying to say ” pot of gold ” at the end of the rainbow but want to use other words. I am trying to describe the reward that we find when we meet the person of our dreams. In the sentence i am saying this: if we are unable to open our hearts it will take longer to find “the pot of gold”at the end of the rainbow. I think i could use better wrding than “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow to describe the experience of finding ” the person of your dreams” I dont like person of your dreams either or soulmate. what other words could I use? Only writers, teachers, or ones with good writing skills answer, thanks

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You could try serendipity (good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries), or treasure (any thing or person greatly valued or highly prized).

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Alexandra L
Regarding “the person of your dreams”:

– the one destined for me;

– treasureous one;

– i was looking for you my whole life.