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Johnny D

What is the word for something that likes to be touched on all 4 sides?

I was attending a seminar the other day on cockroachs, the speaker used the word egmotatic or agmotatic (spelling?). He said it was used to refer to cockroachs, it meant they like to be touched on four sides. I could’t find it in the dictionary when I got home. I am unsure of the spelling

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Egmotatic? agmotatic?

No such entries found anywhere.

I feel it must be ‘THIGMOTROPIC’.

Here is the relevant info. from the authentic source:

Thigmotropic: This is a word borrowed from the plant world where a plant entwines itself about another object such as a vine climbing another vine or a tree or a string.

Cockroaches are thigmotropic in the sense that they like to conform to a hiding place during the day, conforming to a curve or having something touching them on top and bottom such as in a crevice.”

Gimme 10 points for my effort.


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Could not find that word, or a similar one, but almost anything you would want to know about cockroaches can be found at the source given below.

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