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what is the plural for is, and i don’t mean are,?

i mean for referencing multiple is in the same body of words, like in how would you properly say “there are 14 (plural is) in the Constitution”, some people have told me you cant, and simply reword the sentence, some have said stop asking it’s a crazy impractical question, but it’s proper to say “there are 14 cars in the parking lot”, is that not the same, my vote is “isz” what do you say

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ok, if you insist. the word you need is “isis” but beware of using it or you really will displease the goddess who abducted it out of all dictionaries. and please don’t share this info w/ anyone under the age of 21. ty.

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if you are looking for a way to say the number of time the word “is” appears somewhere you could say “There are 14 occurences of ‘is’ in the Constitution.” If you are adamant in using the plural of the word, then try “There are 14 is’s in the Constitution.” (although grammatically that looks like poo.)

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The word “is” appears 14 times in our Constititution.

“Is” is a verb, specifically the present third singular of BE

dialect present first & second singular of BE

dialect present plural of BE. It simply cannot be changed into a plural noun.


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Sorry, there is no real answer to this question

I happen to know only nouns can have plurals

as far as I know ‘is’ is not a noun


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this is a confusing question. i’d say… is’ or ises.

but i’d vote for using proper english. no one would ever say it like that.


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I believe that it would be “is’s”