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What does “pedantic” mean?






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1) academic: marked by a narrow focus on or display of learning especially its trivial aspects.

2) formal and uninspired; making a vain display of learning

3) too concerned with details or fine distinctions and too ready to criticize minor errors ( disapproving )


1) Extreme nationalism characterized especially by a belligerent foreign policy; chauvinistic patriotism.


1) scathing: marked by harshly abusive criticism; “his scathing remarks about silly lady novelists”; “her vituperative railing”

2) Using, containing, or marked by harshly abusive censure.


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Pedantic – A pedant, or pædant, is a formalist or precisionist in teaching or scholarship. Being referred to as a pedant, or pedantic, is generally considered insulting. However some people take pride in being a pedant, especially with regard to the use of the English language. Pedantry can also be an indication of certain developmental disorders. In particular those with Asperger syndrome, or high-functioning autism, often have behavior characterized by pedantic speech.

Jingoistic – Jingoism is chauvinistic patriotism, usually associated with a War Hawk political stance. In practice, it refers to sections of the general public who advocate the use of threats or of actual force against other countries in order to safeguard a country’s national interests.

Vituperative – Using, containing, or marked by harshly abusive censure.


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To be pedantic is to be schoolmasterly and insistent in correctness to the point of obsession. This comes from the old Roman teachers, known as pedants, who were very harsh to their pupils to ensure that their lessons were learned correctly.

Jingoism is excessive patriotism. and the words ‘By Jingo’ were used as a mild oath in the 19th century. There was a music hall song in 1878 that used the Sabre-rattling phrase in a threat against Russia, enemy to Britain at the time, It was first used as a conjurer’s summoning call (like Hey Presto or Abracadabra) coming from the Basque (Spain) language jinkoa or jainkoa meaning ‘ a god’.

To be vituperative is to utter or be prone to uttering abuse. It is the adjective of the verb to vituperate which means to attack with violently abusive criticism or disapproval. To use violent language from the Latin vituperare, atum from vitiurn : a fault and parare : to set in order, prepare.


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minh t
pedantic-1 of, relating to, or being a pedant 2 narrowly, stodgily, and often ostentatiously learned 3 IMAGINATIVE, PEDESTRIAN

jingoistic-extreme chauvinism or nationalism marked especially by a belligerent foreign policy \

vituperative-uttering or given to censure : containing or characterized by verbal abuse


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pe·dan·tic /pəˈdæntɪk/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[puh-dan-tik] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation

–adjective 1. ostentatious in one’s learning.

2. overly concerned with minute details or formalisms, esp. in teaching.



fanatically patriotic [syn: chauvinistic

vi·tu·per·a·tive /vaɪˈtupərətɪv, -pəˌreɪtɪv, -ˈtyu-, vɪ-/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[vahy-too-per-uh-tiv, -puh-rey-tiv, -tyoo-, vi-] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation

–adjective characterized by or of the nature of vituperation: vituperative remarks.


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