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Las Julius

What does “iaad” stand for?

It is some sort of acronym that my friend sent to me. Please let me know. Thanks!!!

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Hi there! According to acronymattic.com, there are several meanings of “IAAD”; they are below:

International Ataxia Awareness Day

imbalanced amino acid diet **

interalveolar attachment distance **

Indo American Association of Delaware **

Institute of Applied Arts and Design **

Internationaler Akademischer Austausch Dienst **

Industrial Automation Annual Directory **

Instant Action at A Distance **

Instantaneous Action at A Distance *

Icelandic Alliance Against Depression *

International Association for the Advancement of Dalits *

International Agency for Apicultural Development *

International Agency for Apiculture Development *

Iraqi Agency for Agricultural Development *

I also saw somewhere on another website that IAAD also stands for I am a Doctor.

Hope this helps!



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i am a doctor- my friend sent me a similar thing and it was a joke- basically the guy ends up saying to the group of girls don’t worry IAAD!!

“i am a doctor”