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What are some tips for me to do good this skool year?

Lets just say that last year at skool wasnt my best, it was probably my worst. and I need to get more focused but im not the most organized person there is. So I kinda need some tips to stay focused on skool.

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Study hard. Eat well. Have healthy sleep patterns. Exercise. Get organized. And learn how to spell School correctly.

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Keep an agenda or planner. Every class period, write down the homework before you leave class, PLUS what materials you need to do the homework, like:

English: Read Jane Eyre Chapter 5 Need book

Then, at the end of the school day, be sure you have all the books you need, plus your binder, in your back pack.

At home, do the homework, and check it off on your list. Put all the homework into one folder, called “Homework to Return to School”. Put a second check when you turn it in.

Pay attention to the teacher, not just your friends. Give yourself a big reward for raising your grades.


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I know it sounds crazy, but TALK TO YOUR TEACHERS. Nine times out of ten, your teachers want to help you and want to see you succeed. If you are having a problem understanding a concept, ask if there is any time outside of class for them to help you.

Also, try setting aside some time each day for studying. Just because you were not assigned any homework doesn’t mean you don’t have any! Read the next chapter in your textbook. Rewrite your notes from class. I know it doesn’t sound like any fun, but it really helps in the long run. Not only does it help your grades, but you’ll learn good study habits for when you get to college. And you always want to make a good impression on your teachers; you might need them to write you a good recommendation letter.

As for organization, try using index cards to write your notes on and drill yourself. Keep your notebooks organized. Use dividers. It helps my boyfriend when he writes things he wants to remember in a weird color ink. Highlight concepts and definitions that you want to remember.

It sounds like you’re willing to make the effort, and that’s great!


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SELL your TV.

Go to a whole-seller stationary retail and buy folders + binders+ a 2 or 3 hole punching machine. Make folders of whatever piece of important paper or bill you have.

Write up names of those whom you hang out with….and

DELETE those freeloader, useless, talkative, irresponsible, goal-less ones…(empty your recycle bin of their names forever…)

Learn to say:” I don’t think so!”, when you’re asked for spending time over stupid conversations, boring parties, any none descent date and so on…

Try to eat at least one fresh made (better be home made) meal per day. Drink milk (better soak fruits such as apple and banana in your milk a night before drinking it).

Get counseling, get counseling, get counseling.

Like yourself…you’ll appreciate yourself in years to come.

Good luck


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Well i’m the same way.. Umm.. don’t go out with friends much.. If you just sit down and read you’ll get it.. At one point i started ignoring what the teachers say during class and just read w/e chapter we’re working on and i score the highest from now on even though i didn’t pay attention to the teacher. I dunno how that’ll work for you, you can try that. My last year was my worst aswell..

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get a binder reminder(its like an organizer where u write all ur home works in)

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learn how to spell skool