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Should I retake ACCT undergrad Courses or go straight to MASTERS accounting? (Already have Degree in Business)

I graduated in degree Business – Marketing with Bachelors Degree. Now I want to do Accounting (Auditor) but get the CPA cert, I need so many units of accounting. The only Accounting courses I have is Financial & Managerial Accounting (req. for all business majors).

. Should I go back and retake undergrad accounting courses (ex. intermediate acct, adv. acct, taxation, auditing, acct info systems,etc) or will a school accept me to go straight to a MASTERS in accounting program? Im little nervous entering MASTERS because I have almost-none exp. in accounting courses. I am sooo confused right now and the closest university here is closed for summer.

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Your best bet is to talk to someone in the Accounting dept at the school where you want to apply – that’s what I did. I had a Bachelors degree in Finance when I went back to school for Accounting. I was accepted into the Master of Accounting program on the condition that I take several core Accounting classes that would not count towards the masters degree (but they DID count towards CPA requirement). Bottom line, I was accepted into the Master of Accounting program right away, but I had to take about 5 more courses than the other Master of Accounting students.

Good luck!


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good question…..I’d recommend going for your Master’s if possible because you may kill two birds with one stone so to speak (getting a master’s and qualifying credit-wise for the cpa exam) but its your choice.

I’m still trying to decide what to do myself-I have a BSc in Accounting but need just a few more credits to qualify…but at the same time I want to take more Accounting courses but can’t since I’ve already taken all of the undergrad accounting courses…so the only thing that’s left is to try and get a master’s. (which is also a fun task as well) ugh.

Good luck with whatever you decide!!!!