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Please, give associations with house, home, motherland, family and specify your age, gender, country, job?

THE MORE THE BETTER. I need any words or word combinations, or phrases that come into your mind when you hear these concepts. The more variants you give – the better. I only need answers from Americans and English people. It is very important for my thesis. I don’t need names, but, please, write down your age, gender, country and your profession.

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House – shelter, gathering place

Home – House with LOVE in it, source of comfort and joy

Motherland – America, country, state or region one is fond or fanatical about (Love it beyond reason)

Family – People you have no choice to claim as family. Parents & siblings, Pets are family too!

42, F, USA, IT Professional


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ankita c
HOUSE: home, residence, dwelling, abode, domicile, address, building, household, family, community, dynasty, line, stock, company, firm, partnership, organization, business, outfit, establishment, corporation

HOME: residence, dwelling, abode, habitat, quarters, domicile, address, house, household, family circle, family unit, background, home environment, birthplace, home town, native land, fatherland, motherland, native soil, place of birth, homeland, nursing home, institution, hospice, assisted living, eldercare, rest home, Elderhostel, residence, residential home, establishment, children’s home

MOTHERLAND: native country, mother country, native land, homeland, fatherland, birthplace, native soil, place of origin, land of your birth, home

FAMILY: domestic, household, everyday, intimate, private

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Country: India

Profession: Media Account Executive


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residing residing house: residing residing house, place of residing, residing, residing residing house, residing residing house, look after, progression, greater proper 0.5 and babies, family contributors persons, community, dynasty, line, inventory, company, company, partnership, company, company, outfit, company, company residing residing house: place of residing, residing, residing residing house, habitat, quarters, residing residing house, look after, residing residing house, greater proper 0.5 and babies, family contributors persons circle, family contributors persons unit, historic previous, residing residing house ecosystem, birthplace, residing residing house city, place of delivery, community land, motherland, community soil, place of beginning up, place of delivery, nursing residing residing house, company, hospice, assisted residing, eldercare, relax residing residing house, Elderhostel, place of residing, residential residing residing house, company, infant’s residing residing house MOTHERLAND: community country, mom country, place of delivery, place of delivery, community land, birthplace, community soil, place of foundation, land of your beginning up, residing residing house family contributors persons: family contributors persons, greater proper 0.5 and babies, prevalent, intimate, private Age: 23 Gender: woman country: India occupation: Media Account government