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Pinewood Derby Car/Science?

Hey Yahoo! ANSWERS, I need some help, my science project is due tommarow and we are studying Newtons Laws of Motion. I was asked to built a car, which I did and write a paragraph on how it is related to Newtons Laws.

I did the reading in the text book but I need some of your guys help on how I shoul describe the laws and how i used them. My car has weights glued onto the bottom middle and bottom back. Someone please, help me write about how force is used here, aerodynamics and stuff. Thanks Yahoo!

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if its thin- use the property that gives the car the least drag force by reducing its cross sectional area.

grind up pencil graphite and use it on the axles as lubricant; it will reduce the coefficient of friction between the axle and wheel.

shave off mass from the wheel- reduce the amount of rotational force to get the wheel rolling.

if its low profile- use some property of fluids that will give it lift/down force.

use your weight placement and/or axle placement about the cars center of mass to optimize the equilibrium balance on the wheels.

a high gloss finish might also reduce the drag force.