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Parents! How do you feel about school lunch programs relating to health?

This is my second time asking this question…. I need more responses!

Hi, If you have a student in k-8 grade I would like your opinion on the school lunch program. Please include the state that you are from and the age of your child. Thank you very much!

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I live in Pennsylvania. Not only do I have kids in school, but I am a public school administrator. There is no question that better nutrition leads to better learning. We offer a breakfast and lunch program in my schools and lots of the kids take advantage of them.

We also participate in the National School Lunch Program, which is the federal program that provides free or low-priced meals to children whose families meet certain income guidelines. The program is completely invisible because our kids pay for their lunches by punching in a PIN at the register. No money changes hands in the cafeteria, so no one knows who is on free lunch and who pays.

If you are dissatisfied with your school’s food program, I would suggest that you make an appointment with the food service director to discuss your concerns. Also, I don’t know where you live, but here in PA, we are not required to provide food service at all. So if you do try to have a civilized conversation with a food service person and you get nowhere, you might be stuck.

Good luck!



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Texas and my child is 6 years old, 1st. grade.

Yes I am totally fed up with the dam lunches they serve in the schools!

For one, They serve a lunch that is fit only for a model. I mean the portion size! Not all the kids in the school is a perfect size 0! I am talking about boys and girls. One slice of pizza is not going to give a child much energy tio do any thing.

I’m not saying feed them until they puke! God for bid that. What I am saying is let them have seconds if they so choose to. They can burn the extra calories off in P.E.

If the school has a good P.E. Coach that knows how to motivate the children into exercising. My son eats at 11:30 and will not have any thing else until he comes home. I feed him breakfast at home so that I know he is getting a good meal. Here the breakfast in school sucks the bag also!

Altogether another story for later!

Some people will say what does bigger portions have to do with health? Well if the kids are not getting the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals then YES it does pertain to ones health. Each child is a different size, shape and back ground, Whats good for one child might not be whats good for the other! If that where the case we would only have one pill for every one to take!

Yea I’m fed up!


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good nutrition = better learning

in our school district, we even have a salad bar program and most of the kids love it!