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“Molly is spelling words.” What are the parts of speech in this sentence?

“Molly is spelling words.”

I would naturally assume that Molly is the subject. It seems as though “is spelling” represents an affirmative present progressive verb. Would I then say that “words” is the direct object of the sentence?

I can’t figure out if present progressive verbs take a direct object.

Or is this completely wrong?

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Present progressive is a tense. If a verb normally takes an object in other tenses, it also takes it in present progressive.

Molly (subject-noun) is (auxiliary-verb) spelling (present participle) words (noun-object).


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Molly is spelling words.

Subject – Molly

Verb – spelling

Helping verb – is

Direct object – words

Hope this helps! 😉


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Monk is correct!!! But as Bill Clinton, our dude, would say, “it depends on what IS IS.”