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CHH Chicx

long words…..? synonym help :]?


can anyone think of some long words that are synonym’s.

im supposed to come up with a paragraph with these kinds of words this is what i have so far…

This is a little repetitive, it might get vexing, am i being redundant at all? because……

and thats it’ something along those lines.

thnx :]]]]

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Beach Saint

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Main Entry: random

Part of Speech: adjective

Definition: haphazard

Synonyms: accidental, adventitious, aimless, arbitrary, casual, chance, contingent, designless, desultory, driftless, fluky, fortuitous, hit-or-miss*, incidental, indiscriminate, irregular, objectless, odd, promiscuous, purposeless, slapdash*, spot, stray, unaimed, unconsidered, unplanned, unpremeditated