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List of things to do before i graduate highschool….?

So me and my friend dont want to graduate and feel like we havent done anything fun with our lives. So we decided that were going to make a list of stuff to do before we graduate highschool and start college…. but i cant really think of much.

Number 1 will probably be hit/spill the trash can outside of this one girl’s house that we dont like and then just drive off.

Number2 will probably to steal a candy bar or somthing because ive never done that in my entire life.

Number 3 will be to smoke weed behind the supermarket or somthing.

Any other suggestions??????

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get a life. this is all trivial, small stuff. do something BIG…otherwise you’re lame.

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Lol I graduated final 12 months enable me think of of a few issues I did…. Freshman 12 months: a million. Kissed a boy 2. Smoked weed 3. have been given particularly drunk at a halloween celebration 4. decrease type Sophomore 12 months 5. have been given known (kinda) 6. Made out interior the backseat 7. have been given a activity 8. Smoked cigarettes at events …. Junior 12 months 8. Partied lots 9. Made some acquaintances 10. have been given extra advantageous grades 11. Made out with 4 ppl in one night 12. Went to jr promenade …… Senior 12 months 11. found out to force 12. Snuck right into a celebration 13. Stayed out partying in san francisco till 7am 14. exceeded ap assessments 15. have been given into college Didnt do lots new my senior 12 months… i finished going to common college and did an self reliant homeschooling-type factor and graduated. issues I in no way did in intense college: a million. Get a 4.0 gpa 2. Have a boyfriend 3. Have intercourse 4. Did drugs aside from weed (which i hate via the way) 5. Went to a 21+ club 6. in no way had a appropriate buddy 7. visit senior promenade 8.Sneak out of homestead/window 9.have been given right into a combat

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Think about the day you die, when you are looking back at the meaning of your life. Do you really think you will think you missed something deep if you didn’t create a mess out of spite for someone’s father to clean up? How about taking a poor kid to a game? Visiting an older person whose family never visits them? Expressing appreciation for someone who rarely gets it?

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Take the SAT’s and get 2400, get a UW GPA of 4.0 and do lots of ec’s… and of course.. HAVE SEX!

good luck!!!!!! 🙂