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Is getting a 2nd bachelor’s degree…?

at 29 odd? I want to study something different than the first time around but don’t necessarily want a masters. I have no plans of being in a fraternity or hitting on 18 year olds.

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Kevin C

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Well, coming from someone who continued to attend college off and on gaining degrees in new fields until I was 35, It is not odd.

As a side note, my girl friend just went back to school last year at 29 to attempt a new degree as she want to try something totally different as well. She finds it a little more difficult that when she was in school 8-10 years ago. She is really enjoying the experience and has chosen a major that she likes instead of one that her parents thought would be good for her. She has also noted that there are a lot of people in her classes her age and older getting a first or second degree.


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You certainly can go to college at any age. I was older than most of my professors in graduate school. However, there’s seldom any great advantage in getting a second bachelor’s degree as opposed to a master’s, because you’ve already had the core courses, and you’ve proven that you are capable of doing that level of academic work.

Therefore, a concentration in another area–even if it’s a new area for you–would dictate that you do so in a graduate program. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking a graduate program in engineering and had a bachelor’s in English. Nobody will care, and the courses you’d take as background would mostly count as graduate credit, though some might not; it depends on your particular program.

But you are a prime candidate for a master’s program; that’s why they’re offered. You’ll also find that the requirements for the master’s are whatever your advisor says that they are, so you can customize your program more easily than as an undergraduate.


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bro, When u have the passion of doin it just do it ๐Ÿ™‚ its good to be knowledgable person. my grandpa holds masters in both economics as well as finance. its good . Age is for Body not to mind ๐Ÿ™‚