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krystal G

I need your help????? Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!?

Ok I am currently attending a community college! After I receive my associates degree i want to transfer to Northeastern University !!! But before deciding on what University I want to go to ..I wanted to know your opinions on this!!

Which one do you think is harder to get into???

Boston U

Boston College

Northeastern U

Tuff U

In order!?!!? Which one do you think will be more tuff!!?

Also when you get your associates degree ..do you graduate with a cap and gown like you would in high school or anything ???? Sorry im new at this?? Please help me out!?!?!? Thanks!!!!!!

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1. Tufts University: 27% acceptance rate

2. Boston College: 29% acceptance rate

3. Northeastern University: 45% acceptance rate

4. Boston University: 58% acceptance rate

Acceptance rates from http://www.collegeboard.com (Click “For Students”, under “Find a College,” click on “College Search,” and type in which college you’d like more information about in the search box–you’ll get the school’s profile, admission, cost & financial aid, academic & support, sports, deadlines, SAT/AP/CLEP, Majors, Housing & Campus Life, and information for International students. If you can’t find what you need there, just click on the university’s site provided under “at a glance,” then search from there)

I’m not sure about the Associates degree graduation, but it would seem highly likely to graduate with a cap and gown since most that’s how most graduations work.


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No offense, but I have seen this question from you, about six times in the past twenty-four hours. Please stop posting every couple hours, wait for a response from people. Some have given you some great info.