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Orlinda K

i need help bad?

the poem is about a teacher in my school want i have to write the irony’s about him

Ex the expectation of a gym teacher:


well mannered

Be on time to school

Demanding to students

always in order

and gets u in shape

The Irony:

He is fat

flirts with girls

late at times

worst football coach


dosent makes students do proper work out.

now for the poem i have to make sure each line i do the words rime at the end i just dont get how to start out can someone help me pls.

ex) i have the this; when you look at him he is unfit:

what can i put after that

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I would choose another topic if possible. But, instead of breaking statements into columns, break into thoughts. I think it would be easier.

A gym teacher is an instructor expected to be concerned about fitness, but when we saw this stout man come toward us are thoughts changed.

We also thought an instructor should be professional, but his roving eyes towards the girls, was disgusting.

See……kinda start out with the good…and end with the contrast/irony as if telling the story without coming right out and saying so.


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Your English is poor,also,I wouldn’t mention’he flirts with girls’,as either one or both of you could be in trouble!

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How on earth do you expect to learn if you get people on here to do your homework>?

ex) i have the this; when you look at him he is unfit:

And I doubt that will do as ANY line…its not even ENGLISH for goodness sake