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I have to write about a current event, how should I setup my paper for a 1200 word essay ?

-I need to know how should I go about puting my paper together

-And I want to know how to correctly site where I got my information; based on siteing from a website

I NEED THIS BY September 18, so PLEAS HELP

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Once you have an idea for this paper, separate the paper into different sections, intro, conclusion, body, etc. If you type in work cited into google, it will give you the mla style format for each type of source. Make sure you are allowed to use each source because some teachers only want websites or textbook references. Make sure you put it in Microsoft word so you can get the word count.

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1. Pick a topic. That’s the first step. Think about the many things going on in the world today. I would pick something that has “pros and cons” — something that gives the writer a large background of information.

2. Go to your local public library or visit online. If you go to the library, ask the librarian for help in locating books. He/she may be able to find books and articles on line for you.

3. Once you have picked your topic, you should probably OUTLINE your strategy.

I. Topic

A. Background

1. Issue #1

2. Issue #2 (and so on)

B. Controversy

1. Side A

2. Side B

II. Solutions

A. Solution to Issue #1 (both sides)

B. Solution to Issue #2 (both sides)

III Conclusion

A. Any clear choices? Why or why not?

B. Problems for the future- how to plan to solve them.

I know this looks vague, but it gives you a “map” to go by.

Then, you need to site your sources. That’s why the librarian comes in handy. What format are you using? ALA? Turabian? Ask for a guide book on how to site books, articles, and information online.

Good luck.