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Jessica R

I have to write a monologue for my theater class. What should I write about?

I have to write a one minute long monologue for theater. I have no clue what to write about. Can someone help me?

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Friends, thelogians, classmates…lend me your i-pods. Is it not better to suffer the scorns and scows of parents while jamming to your tunes, or to turn up the CD player until they leave the room? I do not come to fault them, for they are old and out of touch, yet I come to praise them for they have done so much. My birth was to their delight, they set me straight and taught me wrong from right-and yet, how bored in my imagination I am so I will sleep–sleep until the alarm clock rings and morning birds sing …

4 years ago
I cant do your homework for you, yet i’m going to offer you some concepts. in case you attempt to make your monologue sound humorous, then you definately would desire to probably have a character it is the two loopy previous or an air-head. in case you prefer to advert an previous guy, he ought to continuously stumble upon issues because of the fact of his eye sight and constantly say some thing like ” whats that sonny?” ” and while i replaced right into a youthful boy……” he may additionally combination up words that the different character is asserting like as an occasion… “granddaughter: Aww guy! those truffles wont bake!!!” Grandpa: THERE”S AN EARTHQUAKE!!!!!! ( runs out of the abode). or some thing like that. in case you prefer to advert this character, you will desire to probably point out prune juice. that usually humorous. With airheads, there is not any end to what you should do. they’re merely so stupid you additionally can cause them to say something and it would be humorous. a undemanding airhead line is “Whats a….” and that they smile a stupid smile plenty and could do different peoples instructions while it is not any longer directed in direction of them. You get the factor of what u can do and what they’re. Nerds are additionally stable characters in monologues. for concepts for nerds, I advise occurring youtube and typing in a thank you to be nerd nigahiga. Then, one to procure your characters, positioned them in any placing you could think of of ( abode, protection tension college, an plane, college, a countrywide monument, etc.) i’m hoping this facilitates and strong luck!!! playstation – sry that’s kinda long!