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i go to a crappy high school right now..?

and i hate itfor very personall reasons. i might move in with my cousins about 25 mins away and their high school is so nice. they have a great band. the problem is i want ap classes but dont you have to already be enrolled in them? or can i go there the first day and switch into an ap class? and public schooling is free right? and if theres anything else i need to know plz share thx

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public schooling is free in America. You do have to pay a fee to take AP tests ($83/test), but there is financial aid for that.

As for taking AP classes, you will have to talk to the advisors/counselors at your cousins’ school about signing up for AP classes. It would be better to try and contact the school and ask before fall classes start. Some AP classes have summer homework, some do not. Some you must be signed up for already, others you can still enroll now. It all depends on the school’s policy.