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(Homework)hispanics are subjected to more racism than any other minorities?

Im Against

how could i write that in an essay

explaining that

thats not true

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I believe that it is true. Hispanics are more subjected to more racism than any other minorities.

they are the only minority that is entering America illegally and are mostly the ones who are looked upon as the, “ones who are taking the Americans jobs”

Asian, African Americans and the Europeans are not as likely to be discriminated against because America had already done back during world war 1 and 2 and through the civil rights movement. we have come to respect them now but recently in the 10 years or so America has been getting more Mexicans. We had done studies and it shows that Latinos make up most of the American population, they even outrank the blacks and whites in the southern states.

We never had any problem with the Hispanics until now.

so its no wounder why today the Hispanics experience more racism then other minorities. they are the biggest issue for America’s economy and population.

they also have been seen more on the news than the blacks too.