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History help?

1. What was a purpose of the Freedman’s Bureaus?

A. Helping slaves run away from plantations

B. Helping former slaves acquire food and jobs

C. Helping plantation owners track down runaway slaves

D. Helping freed slaves find their missing relatives

2. What were the black codes?

A. Laws limiting the freedoms of African-Americans

B. Laws assisting African-Americans with voting

C. Laws enforcing Reconstruction policies in the South

D. Laws regulating military activity in the South

3. What were scalawags?

A. Former slaves who stayed in the South

B. Northerners who moved to the South for profit

C. Groups formed to intimidate African-Americans

D. Southerners who supported Reconstruction

4. What started the Panic of 1873?

A. Grant’s election to the presidency

B. The passing of the 15th Amendment

C. The bankruptcy of a large banking firm

D. The end of Reconstruction

5. What ended Reconstruction?

A. Pull out of federal troops in 1877

B. 15th Amendment

C. a and b

D. None of the above

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1) B

2) A

3) D

4) C

5) C


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Note: Typed “B” instead of “A” for #2 a second ago, corrected it.

1. B

2. A

3. D

4. C

5. C (a little unsure on this one)


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I submit you can find the answers to these questions in your textbook and/or class notes.