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Help with a play on words?

Okay so at my summer camp we have to make a “camp name” which consists of our name but sort of mushed into some kind of phrase.

For example, “Lindsey” could be “Put the lime Lindsey coconut” or “Paula” could be “Paula want a cracker.” I need a clever one for the name “Susie”

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Mr. Know-it-all

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Ok, a bit involved but here goes….

(It’s a fun one too!)

Hold your tongue (no really pinch it and say the following…)

A bee stung my tongue. I need to see the nurse as soon as he gets in.

It sounds like.. “…as Susie gets in”

or a bit of a aural stretch but decidedly less involved,

We can set up the tent as Susie unpacks. (as soon as he).

Good luck!


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Susie in the morning

Susie has a oozy

Make a susie and be glad

Susie susie turn around

LOL!! Sorry i tried


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Tracie F
Japanese eat raw fish called Susie.

Susie or not susie, that is the question.

A sailor went to sea Susie , to see what he could see Susie.


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Take Susie and call me in the morning!

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susie’s,fun in the sun. susie’s swim and run.