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gimme COLLEGE info- anyone?

i know this is probably a stupid question, but somebody help me out. i graduated high school last summer and never went to college. something big came up so i decided to put school on hiatus. but i’m thinking about going back in a few years.

i totally blew off my counselor in high school when they tried to help me with college. i screwed up and so regret it. so tell me about majors/ minors? when do you get to choose them? go you need to get high education for certain jobs? degrees, ect..

anyone have website for this?

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For info about majors, look here: http://www.mymajors.com/

Getting a college education will get you the best jobs. If you only have a high school education, you have a lot less opportunities in life regarding your jobs and therefore the amount of money you make.

You choose your major and minor (or just major–not everyone minors) usually around your Sophomore year in college–so if you’re thinking about anything in the liberal arts, you don’t need to be too choosy about colleges regarding your major–most good liberal arts schools will offer strong programs in all liberal arts subjects.

You can definitely still apply to college. A lot of people take a year off. You will need to explain WHY you took a year off, and what you did (and if you did nothing, you need to come up with a good lie!).

You should probably take the SAT or ACT, since most colleges require them (although some don’t–but those are few and far between.) Then, once you get your score, you can look at what you got, and factor in your GPA, and then you can see what school you can get accepted to based on merit.


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Well it depends on what colleges you are looking at ..or what studies you are looking into …. you need to repost your question and tell us what you want to do with your life ….do you want to be a doctor, nurse, teacher etc. ! And what school’s you are looking into …you need to tell us how your grades were in high school and your SAT scores! Repost this question!