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french translation, am i correct? plz help me?

is this phrase means that without university permission we cannot accept the student for thesis, but he/ she can stay in france for laboratorial studies, or means something else?

“””Nous sommes assez restreint en terme d’acceuil d’étudiant en thèse et il est souvent imposé de repasser un diplôme de master lorsque nous demandons à inscrire les étudiant des pays émergeants en thèse à l’université de Bordeaux 2. Cette université est malheureusement trop compétitive et sélective à notre goût.

De ce fait les séjours pratiques au cours de thèse Iranienne sans inscription en France ou sans co-tutelle, ou bien les séjours post-doctoraux sont plutôt à privilégier dans notre cas.

N’hésitez pas à me solliciter pour participer à l’élaboration de demande de financement.””””

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A literal translation is as follows:

We are enough restricts in term of acceuil of student in thesis and it is often forced to pass by again a diploma of master when we ask to register the student of the countries emerging in thesis at the university of Bordeaux 2. This university is unfortunately too competitive and selective with our taste. This fact the practical stays during Iranian thesis without inscription in France or Co-supervision, or the post-doctoral stays are rather to privilege in our case. Do not hesitate to request me to take part in the development of request for financing.

I take that to mean, “We have plenty of students, so we make students take tests again to prove they are educated to our standards and we make them pay. You can come and stay, but it is going to cost a lot. Maybe I can help get financial aid for you, but I first want to know how much money you have already.”

My French teacher would be better at reading between the lines. The French are “frank.” In fact that is where the word “frank” comes from. During World War II, American soldiers noticed how plain speaking and direct the French are, so that is how we came to associate directness with “Franc.”

However, in business, such as your application to university, they can be less obvious in meaning. You have to know something of their customs and protocol for negotiations. My interpretation may not be perfect. From experience, I think it is pretty close though.

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